Why does the Royal family need so much money?

It seems a little like an addiction?
I know that their presence attracts tourism.

Barbara, what’s wrong with any family legally amassing as much money as they want? How much money did your accountant save you when you were running your business in the UK?

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You have a point…to a degree…but with all the starving people in the world …look at it all
again.Not with a legal eye or an accountants eye but morally.
When you can have anything you want of a material type…what is the need for so much excess.

My accountant helped to keep us going…small restaurants rarely make money.
But that is not a problem…I am happy enough with what I have done within my means
and in my life.


Are you referring to this?

no. are you an accountant?

Absolutely not. I do like the Royal Family though. I once held the royal warrant for supplying catering management software to the household. Every single recipe and stock item was held in the software, the control was incredible even the staff meals were portion controlled and had a recipe including thins like eggs chips and beans. Interestingly every dish was listed in French. I undertook the first stocktake of the Royal cellars, nobody had ever thought to ascertain the stock value, the figure was staggering. Anyway I digress.

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The royal family does have a lot of “money” , but no where near as much as a lot of other people.


David, it does seem to a degree what they do with their money.
We are still benefitting from the great philanthropists of the past and from such wealth of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We also seem to have created an atmosphere that excessive consumption is OK.
This has trickled down to young children demanding branded trainers and pestering their parents. It used to be called keeping up with the Jones’.
We have worked hard, no inheritances, and we value our money and we spend what the regulators and the markets leave us of our annual income carefully.
The huge disclosures of the Panama and Paradise papers show that successive governments have failed to prevent the full payment of taxation by big businesses and their owners resulting in higher taxation from the rest of us who are not so protected.
Many wealthy UK landed families have been forced to sell their great houses to pay death duties, buth these modern behemoths still seem to get away with it.
The real answer to the question is that money creates power and people become addicted to both.


Exactly Jane.
And the money and power is the huge enemy.
As it is as addictive as the most addictive drug available.

Look at all which is going on around us.
Moderation has given way to greed.
Personally do not know the Royal Family how many of you do?

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Its basically a business, its not the Queen’s money.

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Exactly who s money is it?

Some research back into the 17th century… turns up interesting details/facts about just whose money we are talking about…

I wonder what would be the outcome if that ancient agreement/charter (call it what you will) was revoked…
and everything handed back to the descendants of King George III :wink:

Spot on Stella, its a pot that the royal family live off, Dutchy of Cornwall is separate, but all the rest is basically a form of trust fund. Not so sure about Osbourne house, Sandringham or Balmoral, the family might own those properties outright.
Enjoyed Gunpowder, the gay old James got five million quid in today’s money for saving all of Parliament. James was bust, Elizabeth’s funeral bankrupted the royalty. And what with that nice old crook Robert Walpole, its a wonder Queenie has got anything at all. The royalty it seems, are experts in making money from nothing.
I’m not a royalist, but love the way they bang on about how the royal family bring in tourists. The French chose to chop off the heads of their royal family, and France is the most visited country in the world.


I may have it all wrong but France on the whole does not appear to be
obsessed by money and power. Happy lives are for more relevant.
And money does not but happiness.

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Hi Trevor… yes, the French did do that dastardly deed, didn’t they…

but, certainly in our area, the British Royal Family is admired and closely followed by our French friends and neighbours.

none so queer as folk…:relaxed:

None so queer as folk…does the Royal family favour Brexit?

Oh Barbara… that did make me smile… the thought of a member of the Royal Family answering you on this forum… on the other hand… everyone is welcome to join us… so perhaps we will get that answer, after all. :grin:

Not with you on your last remark!
Why would I expect a comment or answer from the Royal Family on here?
How did you figure that out?

Who else would be in a position to answer your question about the Royal Family ??

Which question…about the Royal Family?
Many people have details relating to matters concerning the
Royal Family…David for instance knows about their portion

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