Why does the Royal family need so much money?

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(David Martin) #43

But they both contradict your opinion that the Royal Family don’t bring anything to the UK. You might not like them and you are perfectly entitled to hold that position but you cannot make up facts.

(Timothy Cole) #44

Care to suggest who to replace Liz with?

(Paul Flinders) #45

From the atricle in the Independent:

Hardly sounds like unbiased opinion

(Barbara Deane) #46

Are the Royal family the main tourist attraction?

(Martin Cooper) #47

At the moment, it’s a biological lottery without any democratic vote or suitability for the job.

So, for me, anyone who is democratically elected will be better than the setup we have today.


(Ray Rampton) #48

Hi Barbera,
obviously not but the article fromDavid attaches a value of 0.5 bn to justify Royal Family.
“Brand Finance’s calculations show that tourism revenue connected to the monarchy and its heritage has been valued at £535 million for 2015”

I don’t have the ‘in-bound tourism cause breakdown data’ but I’ say that as a small part (0,5bn) of the overall 26bn
"But the UK’s tourism body VisitBritain states that while international tourism is Britain’s third largest service export, with inbound tourism to Britain worth £26.2 billion",
0.5/26 or 2% is a conservative believable figure.

(Timothy Cole) #49

Careful what you wish for, have an elected head of state and they will have real power unlike Liz.

(Martin Cooper) #50

Hi Tim,

I would take the risk and have democracy any day than having a unelected head of state with an unelected second chamber, any day :slight_smile:


(Barbara Deane) #51

What are we wishing for?
Where is it? Who has got it?

(Ray Rampton) #52

Hi Martin,
hope you’re not going to cite Brexit or Trump as great examples of what elections /democracy can bring!!

(Martin Cooper) #53

Funny enough Ray, as a ‘Remainer’ I was thinking we can ‘trust’ voters on a un-binding referendum, to potentially change our economic future, for a generation, but we can’t trust them them to elect a democratic head of state?

That in my eyes, will really bring ‘taken back control’ to its logical conclusion? :slight_smile:

(Timothy Cole) #54

So you take President Farage over QEII just because ‘he was elected’? Thank god you’re in the minority.

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Hi Tim,

You could choose any name like Farage, but do you really think he would win a complete majority? Really?

Also, if we are replacing Liz, the head of state will be ceremonial only? Unless your suggestion that Liz has more powers than just a figure head?

It’s called democracy, can’t get away from it.


(Timothy Cole) #57

An elected figure head with no power, I assume they’d have a palace (or similar) with staff, security etc. Job for life or fixed term?

(Martin Cooper) #58

Top of my head, Tim, something similar to the German version of President (ceremonial, but you can actually vote for). Fixed term. Does not have to be a Palace but def a building and yes, probably have some staff :slight_smile:


(stella wood) #59

Might I suggest that someone does the sums… and before any more talk about getting rid of the UK Monarchy, let’s see what such a “Divorce” would actually

I think many of you might be in for a shock…:wink:

(Martin Cooper) #60

Interesting point of view Stella. You are suggesting that democracy should be ‘restrained’ by financial cost and the biology lottery of our Head of State should continue? :slight_smile: