Why don’t Palestinian people denounce Hamas?

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You and I are on the same anguished and frustrated wavelength.

The terrible irony is that Isreal has and is killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza. According to independent sources, now over 32,000 souls are dead.

Everyone in Gaza has lost their home and livelihood. Isreal justifies its indiscriminate and continued killing as a ‘war’ to eliminate Hamas. So starving Palestinians locked into Gaza is the plan. Hamas members will be the absolute last to starve!

If Hamas didn’t have 32,000 members before, it will now. Carpet bombing every square inch of Gaza will not eliminate Hamas. Hamas is an ideology. War in Afghanistan and an engineered change of rule has eliminated neither the Taliban nor ISIS.

Does no one with a gun ever learn?


Says much about mankind that when we were trying to imagine ‘The Next Big Thing in IT’ we forgot war

Also says much about Isreal IDF

“They said that in wartime there was insufficient time to carefully “incriminate every target”.

“So you’re willing to take the margin of error of using artificial intelligence, risking collateral damage and civilians dying, and risking attacking by mistake, and to live with it,”

October the 7th was the trigger and Hamas is the excuse, but genocide has been the objective for the extremists in Israel from day one. And day one was probably May 14th 1948.

“I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed,” Gallant says following an assessment at the IDF Southern Command in Beersheba. “We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly". 9 Oct 2023

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Love him or hate him but Owen Jones’ videos on Israel and Gaza are pretty good.

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90 minutes long but very interesting - a Palestinian Christian Pastor speaks about life in Gaza. The sadness in his voice is palpable.

They are murdering civilians. A petty distinction but one worth making.

Quite - and all the world has done is move from ignoring that fact to gently tut-tutting about it :rage:

About 20 years ago my mother visited Israel with a church group. They were guided and driven by palestinian christians and saw the disrespect these people received at every checkpoint from the army.
She saw israeli schoolboys running down streets of palestinian shops throwing stones and breaking their windows with total impunity. 10 years later a friend (c of e priest retired) reported the same stories. Those schoolboys are now the soldiers, commanders and government leaders so why are we surprised at how they behave now. Let’s not forget the small girl begging for help after her family was targeted and the ambulance crew sent to rescue her all killed by the idf.

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Absolutely. Palestinians are untermenschen (the horrible irony of it) for these highly armed thugs in the so called Israeli “Defense” Force, in Gaza and the West Bank. It’s not a matter of speculation, I saw an Israeli soldier trying to explain as much about “these people” to Jeremy Bowen during one of his reports from the West Bank.

He does do my head in a bit on domestic matters, but he has called it right from the start on Gaza and he’s been scrupulous in the accuracy of his articles.

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Agree. His interviews on Youtube are quite good too.

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A counter to the thread title, why in the face of overwhelming visceral evidence, do Israelis, and indeed people everywhere, not denounce what Isreal is doing?

It is by now refutable that the World Kitchen convoy of 3 vehicles on an empty coastal road, on a pre-communicated route, where systematically targeted and murdered by Isreal’s forces.

I tell my students that just saying, “Sorry for my mistake!” is not an automatic ‘get out of jail free’ card. Apologising does not automatically come with a guarantee you will not be punished, or even be forgiven. Any apology must be followed by taking responsibility for what you did AND making restitution.

Someone needs to teach Israel better.

Achrayut - The Jewish Chronicle.

“the responsibility of commanders for the successes and costs of their decisions”


Given the cost of restoring the obliterated Palestinian cities and towns- real restitution would be the financial ruin of Israel!

Instead if anyone picks up the tab, presumably it’ll be the UN, EU - and maybe(!) the Gulf states will chip in.

But I’m not sure any of this will happen - what looks like ethnic cleansing seems to have been very effective and Palestinians will become Muslim equivalents of history’s ‘wandering Jews’.