Why has the La Poste website got so complicated?

Every time I use the LaPoste website things have been changed. The latest problem that’s occured is the inability to reschedule a parcel delivery. Sure, I’ve had 2 emails telling me firstly when it’s due to come then secondly an offer to reschedule if I wish. I need to reschedule but the email directs me to a dead-end.

Had the same problem on several occasions. On one occasion, it suggested an available pick up from a post office 35km away. Terrible service.

You should try DHL! Delivery driver (I’m certain) did not even try to deliver - we were there - and just left a card in our mail box at the end of the chemin telling us to collect from the pick up point at Bordeaux airport - 112km and 1½ hours drive away. Their helpline got a pretty irate phone call from me. It was delivered properly the next day, fortunately.

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We recently had a DPD delivery where the driver didn’t have sat nav and appeared unable or reluctant to use Google Maps to find us. Drove out to meet him at the nearest village only to find 2 other people doing the same to collect their shipments.

DPD driver then had the nerve to ask us for our delivery security codes despite him having called us all at home to come and meet him. One of the French customers wasn’t overly impressed by this and made his opinion of the entire delivery process quite clear. :grinning:


I wouldn’t worry because even if you do reschedule well within the time to do so, if your La Poste / Chronopost delivery team are like ours, they will just ignore you and claim they tried to deliver following day ( not the date you gave) then tell you you have to collect it. (I sort it out instead and they deliver.)

DPD were by far the worst delivery people when we lived in the UK. Once, a DPD delivery driver left our parcel in the rubbish bin near our house and left a note to say what he had done. It was bin day and by the time I’d returned home after work, the bin had been emptied and the parcel disappeared. As we had the note and proof of when the bins were emptied we were eventually able to reclaim the cost of the item from DPD.

Funnily enough DPD were always completely problem-free for me in the UK and brilliant also in France.

Yodel on the other hand… beyond awful. Post Office…lied and lied. The number of times I caught the postie walking away from the house after putting the “tried to deliver you were out” card through the letterbox… and when caught up with, he hadn’t brought the parcel at all

Our postie, Russel was great. We did know him quite well though. He was always up for a quick chat and a cup of tea. He would always go above and beyond to help.

I’ve rescheduled before (last time maybe 2 months ago) and it worked. The annoying thing is that the site takes my parcel number, then has a ‘reschedule’ button, which leads to … nowhere.

The original question asked has got rather distorted in several of the replies. LaPoste rescheduling has worked well for me in the past, it’s just the frustration of reaching a deadend. I hoped someone could suggest a way round it.

I can’t help specifically @lebeuil1 - sorry - but I have noticed that “they” have a nasty tendency to change their website on the hoof rather than the more traditional approach of testing changes first :frowning: In particular they get their team of children in to do the changes at weekends so things tend to straighten out by the middle of the following week. That’s been my experience anyway the last couple of times they’ve done this sort of thing…

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And it being summer holidays the kids are there all week as well.

try long clicking and opening in new tab, or different browser

Thanks Karen - I tried that, to no avail …

My daughter who lives Oz had a registered letter addressed to her sent to my address in France. Normally our facteur, a lovely man, would just let me sign for it but we missed him and it went back to the post office.

A visit to collect it on Monday with all the paperwork I could muster yielded no result and I was advised to get my daughter to raise a procuration request on the La Post Website. Which, instead of bothering her, I did :wink: The confirmation email promised to process the request and get back to me in 48 hours.

By Thursday I was getting a bit edgy so my wife popped down to the Post Office for another failed attempt. Despite my having carefully forged my daughter’s signature on the back of the advice slip, a photocopy of my daughter’s passport wouldn’t do as ID, they needed original ID.

Finally I went down on Friday and had my daughter live on Facetime with her ID but that didn’t work either. Luckily this time I was dealing with the post office manager, who’s a nice person (unlike the other jobsworths). I explained that the letter contained my daughter’s ID that I needed to take to the Maire ASAP. She came up with the novel solution that I could take the ID out of the letter and use it as the ID to retrieve the letter. Catch 22 in reverse :slightly_smiling_face:

When I got home the procuration I had applied for on Monday had arrived in my inbox. It seems 48 hours in La Post Land is 96 hours in the real World.

Three lessons.

1 - I should have requested the Facteur deliver it again.
2 - When they asked my daughter’s age I should have said 10 instead of 30, that way I suspect as a minor I would have been entitled to collect the letter.
3 - If at first you run into trouble just keep going back until you find someone who does give a damn about customer service.