Why, if you live in France, did you vote for Brexit?


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so you jumped off the train but find your knickers have snagged, you are suspended and heading for a narrow tunnel. I’m afraid I don’t respect your decision.But I’m sure the rest of the Daily Mail readers do.

(Pam Thompson) #306

That is absolute tripe. There was never any chance that the UK would have the Euro, nor was there going to be a European army. It seems that the sum total of your ‘research’ was done in the Daily Mail/ Express/Sun newspapers, along with UKIP lies. If you hate Europe so much, why the fiddle did you move there?

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(Pam Thompson) #308

hahahaha. They are hardly impartial are they?

(Pam Thompson) #310

if you choose to do your ‘research’ by reading and watching biased right wing media, more fool you.

(Pam Thompson) #311

so you would prefer to become another star on the American flag?

(Pam Thompson) #312

he wasn’t voted for. The British voter has no say over who the leader gives positions to.

(Lee Bentley) #313

If as you claim the British public didn’t vote for Boris Johnson, How then did he become an MP?

(Robert Hodge) #314

I think you must be confusing me with someone else Pam. I thought that I had made plain that my preference is for the UK to remain an independent sovereign country.

(Roger Bruton) #315

p.s. … it’s spelt English

(Roger Bruton) #316

Re: the £ being changed to the € … I was part of the team working on the National Irish Bank conversion to the Euro. We “did” the NatWest bank at the same time in case the change happened in the UK. It would have been a very easy change … and then there was Mayhem …

(Pam Thompson) #317

the UK is a small insignificant country which can’t even produce all the food it needs so it needs alliances. If you really imagine we are some kind of superpower and we’ll have an Empire again and all the wealth from those countries flowing into the UK, you are deluded. If you believe that leaving a large trade co-operative with bulk buying power, is better, and by having less buying power is a good thing, man you are deluded. We haven’t even left the EU yet and already food prices have risen sharply and the £ has plummeted to record levels, so do you really believe that after we leave, it’ll rise sharply, food prices will drop again and things will be better for those of us stuck in this narrow plutocratic county?

(Roger Bruton) #318

“I’m sure that in the next few years other countries will also be taking the leap” … the leave voters are HOPING that this will happen so that they don’t look like the only prats!

(Véronique Langlands) #319

He was first past the post in his constituency, so yes a proportion of a proportion of the national electorate voted him in as their MP. Getting a cabinet job is in the gift of the PM though, and heavily influenced by in-party hackery. Boris is an opportunist who will do and say pretty well anything in the hope that he will at some stage get the top job.

(David Martin) #320

By standing in a safe seat? A stuffed octopus would have done equally well.
Don’t worry too much about the elected MPs anyway, they all have unelected advisors who influence their choices.

(Lee Bentley) #321

Just want to make an observation as I’m now fed up with this topic and all other topics with brexit as the subject of ‘discussion’. All of the acidic insulting comments come from the remain camp. I have yet to see a leaver berating or insulting remainers. That’s the problem with these forums from what I’ve seen unless someone can link me to any posts proving me wrong. Does it really matter what newspaper one reads? Someone here berating the Daily mail, the Sun, Express etc, yet the Guardian is the word of god. Same person making a derogatory observation about quoting from far right media yet would be quite happy to quote from a far left paper such as the Guardian. I’m not knocking the Guardian, Daily Mail, Sun etc, just trying to make the point that all newspapers carry same stories and political opinions are just that, an opinion of a journalist, not the word of god. We all have our favourite news rag mine happens to be the independant. I also read mailonline especially the F1 section and I cannot stand Jonathan McEvoy who is obviously anti Lewis Hamilton, yep, I’m a Hamilton fan. It’s a real shame this forum can’t be conducted in a more adult manner instead of the continual sniping by the remainers. For that reason, I’m calling it a day so bye all, have a nice life…


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Roger i find your comment insulting. “the leave voters are HOPING that this will happen so that they don’t look like the only prats!”.
Yes I did vote leave. But you , nor anyone else, do not know what i am hoping. AND i couldn’t care less what other countries do.

(Sandy Hewlett) #323

Shame you’re going Lee. I’m choosing not to participate in these ‘discussions’. Why bother? I

(Chris Kite) #324

Left, Right doesn’t matter one iota to me. I tend to read between the lines whatever the political bias and come to my own conclusions. That’s all any of us can do, right or wrong.

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