Why, if you live in France, did you vote for Brexit?


(Martin Cooper) #368

It might be all those non white skinned people, who have come from our former overseas colonies, who need to do the low payed jobs, which the EU workers were doing…

I can see the headlines now… :frowning:

(Martin Cooper) #370

I think we have a moral duty to allow them to travel to the UK, as well as an economic one, if we tighten up to ridiculous levels, migration from the EU.


(Robert Hodge) #371

What would be nice is to have a level playing field in respect of immigration whereby all prospective immigrants have to meet the same criteria regardless of their individual nationality.

(anon71231711) #372

Wasn’t there talk way back of a special fastrack procedure with India, for those who can afford it? Has this idea bitten the dust? would have been a nice little money-spinner for the UK Govt.

(David Martin) #374

Great Britain is an island. The British Isles is made up of many islands.

(anon71231711) #375

Well yes, having recently had a holiday on Jura which is a tiny island compared to mainland Britain, I agree that tiny is relative :slight_smile: but I think the point is that we’re looking at Britain as a trading entity, so we’re comparing it to continents and trading blocks such as Europe, USA, India, China etc, and in that context I think it’s fair to say it’s quite small. Densely populated, certainly - isn’t it half the are of France with roughly the same population?. And whilst it is currently the 10th largest economy, that’s Britain as part of the EU. If this statistic was set in stone and we could state with certainty that it will remain the 10th largest economy post Brexit, most of the worries and squabbling wouldn’t be happening - but we can’t, so I’m not sure this particular statistic has a place here.

But for me the relevance of Britain being a smallish :wink: densely populated island is that this gives it different advantages and disadvantages, in terms of infrastructure, land use, social issues, intercommuncation etc, and different challenges need different solutions.

(anon64861675) #376

Although I think this response from David Martin is a bit nerdish, I strongly endorse and approve it, because in respect of the use of Great in Great Britain, I’m VERY nerdish, and deplore its misuse to suggest that it connotes anything other than relative size, as in BIG ISLAND. It doesn’t mean superior in any sense other than BIGGER, and certainly not BETTER. And my nerdish tongue is here very much in my nerdish cheek. :smiling_imp:

(Véronique Langlands) #377

Jura is lovely! Where were you staying? (I have family and friends there :blush:)

(David Martin) #378

Not nerdy just pedantic. Britain is not an island.

(anon71231711) #379

We camped on the Jura Hotel’s campsite,“les pieds dans l’eau”, what a beautiful spot to wake up. Luckily we had good weather the whole week :wink: Did lots of walking and ate very well at the hotel, also a café down the road nearly opposite the shop, whose name I don’t recollect for the moment but they did lovely snacks and cakes.

(Glenn Beavis) #380

Thanks Martin, I have just read the article, albeit fairly quickly. Some interesting facts in there…
"(if you’re up for the work, you can turn £10 to £15 an hour picking strawberries), most UK-born people wouldn’t be interested in the kind of jobs that might soon be available."
You know what…I would jump at work for middle of the road £12.50 per hour, and so would 1,000’s others.
In fact i think those figures are total bulsh!t.

Some of the text in that document ( you quote : “foreigners not welcome”), was said by and quoting from same documet
Those are the words of John Hardman, director of Hops Labour Solutions.
He runs a recruitment agency for pickers ammongst other things. Does anyone know how much of a markup recruitment agencies will turn over ( they will never volunteer the information to you ).

I used to work in IT… AND for the paltry £12.50 an hour in support. The agencies take around 20% …
some a lot more.
They have a vested interest in that foreign labour, and i bet charge whatever they will get away with. AN EXAMPLE situation. worker A would like £7.50 per hour and has “no” experience… worker B wants £9 per hour and “very good” experience… A get s the job… THAT IS THE TRUTH.

One reason ( among many) I voted for Brexit…was to get the money grabbing gits over everything else out. Foreign companies buying British companies up, then putting them offshore resulting in mass redundancies; The government selling off the countries assets with nothing to show for it. ( Maggie Thatcher and the council housing as an example )…I was Tory , but now a commie bars…d.

(David Martin) #381

How on Earth will leaving the EU stop foreign money buying British companies? That’s the weirdest reason for voting leave that I’ve seen yet. I’m sure that even the Daily Express is aware that the Chinese, Russians and Indians aren’t from the EU. That’s where the money has been coming from for years and that’s where it will come from in the future. It won’t be investing in the British Isles it will be asset striping as usual.
As you are a Europe hating Englander living in the Cotswolds why are you even taking an interest in a French based website? Bizarre. Don’t worry, if you’re that desperate for work you will manage to earn a lot more than £12.50 an hour if you go to East Anglia, the farmers there will pay up to double minimum wage to get the hard working quality workers they need. Unfortunately there aren’t many locals interested so you’d better join the queue of fit Eastern European workers who are prepared to do a good day’s work for a good day’s pay. I’m sure you’re fit enough to cope, or perhaps not.
PS I’m enjoying the fiction and can’t wait until the next instalment.v

(Glenn Beavis) #382

As i said David, I have more than 1 reason for my vote.
And in actually giving a reason ( or two) in my last post - does not give you authority to call me a Europe Hating Englander. WIND YOUR NECK IN.

With the way the pound is going now; that in itself is going to make buying Britain less attractive, and also there have been movement afoot to stop foreign investment taking and stripping British companies.

As for taking an interest in a French based website - my partner and I are very interested in buying in France. That by the way is NONE of your business.

A nice personal attack by an obvious remainer. David - never grace yourself at my front door.

(Véronique Langlands) #383

You are rather difficult to follow, Glenn.

(Glenn Beavis) #384

Apologies Veronique, I was reading something posted by Martin, which was an instance of an example quoted by a well known newspaper in Britain, describing effects that seemed to be a result, of the impending departing of Britain from the EU.
Within that, i was trying to elude to why I had made my voting decision.
As it seems if people want to stay, they do not have to be accountable, nor do they have to give reason for their decision. But for any of those who are not in that same “vehicle”, the opposite is true.

(David Martin) #385

AIf you want any lessons in economics just ask. A weak pound opens the door for foreign companies to rape the best of British. For ‘your’ country’s sake it will have low pound for a long, long time so all those lovely UK pickings will remain cheap and attractive.
I am never likely to find myself at your front door but I worry that one of the local properties in my area might end up being bought up by the likes of you. Hopefully you’ll believe that an Englishman’s home is his castle and decide to pull up your drawbridge, sit down with a nice cup of tea and spend your life watching Celebrity Eastenders or whatever it is your type enjoy rather than becoming one of those nasty foreigners who go around buying other people’s property. The type of person who you so obviously hate.

(David Martin) #386

The remainders on this site have given many reasons for staying, all of them positive and based on facts.

(Glenn Beavis) #387

Thank you David, you did not disappoint .

I will give you a little more ammunition… I spent over 20 years in the armed forces, and learnt among many things, to embrace and learn from other cultures. Including serving in the West Indies on humanitarian aid.
I am not in any way a xenophobe thank you, and have a very much wider experience of the world in many ways. But thank you for trying to teach me, and put me to rights.

(David Martin) #388

Thanks for the offer but I’ve seen too many of your views to wish to make any further comment.

(Martin Cooper) #389

Hi Glenn,

I can understand your logic which in my words, you are saying that if the money grabbing companies take advantage of foreign workers (EU) they will pay low wages.

I respect that thinking and yes, that’s the worst ‘face’ of uncaring and uncontrolled capitalism, which our short term thinking Gov, likes.

Out of all the Britexit views, that’s the one I have the most sympathy for, however, I still would not go through our exit, or blame the EU for this. I blame more our ‘local’ Gov.

Cheers for your feedback on the article.