Why, if you live in France, did you vote for Brexit?


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I think this thread is well worthwhile and whilst I have not read all of it clearly there are many others who think this issue has a long way to go as well. We may not convince anyone with our discussion but saying it is a good thing, and you never know…

I also think the quality of the debate has been pretty good for the main part. Refusing to participate really doesn’t help anyone.

Anyhow, I agree with Simon. Voting for Brexit undoubtably impairs UK National’s ability to live and work in Europe, and for someone living in France to do that seem hypocritical.

I understand the right to make that choice, but even on a personal level it seems wrong.

It seem to me that there are many who feel Brexit won’t really change anything. Like most issues it will slowly disappear over the horizon and things will continue as usual. I don’t agree. I think this will go on and on and will affect us all for many years.

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I can only comment on your Abu Hamza point - most human rights laws emanate from the UN and we also have our own, the EU follows those rules.

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I’m still trying to work out which country Brit-Patriot hates; Britain or Australia where they live.

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A friend of mine posted this on facebook, ‘Brit-Patriot’ is clearly a very nasty bit of work, apart from being a confused, semi-literate knuckle-dragger. Ghastly.

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It could be a russian troll who wrote this, check this out:

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We are free to form trade agreement with the commonwealth and others!! Parliament doesn’t move around although the leadership does. Abul Hanza wSnt deported because like everyone he was allowed to appeal and Theresa May as home Secreatary screwed up the paperwork. very frustrating to hear that this is why you voted out.

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It is really interesting to read the comments from pro-brexit folks. Especially since arguments tend to be valid and not irrelevant.

I tend to have some admiration for the brits in a certain way, because they had the balls to politely say “f*ck you” to Europe, but on the other hand only time and economy evolution will tell if they were right.

Two scenarios are possible :

  • The country will know a new boom, with maybe new customs agreement and free markets with other countries. Why not Norway and the USA for example ? There is a rule in economy, it’s called monetarism. The faster the money circulates, the faster inflation rises up. So when you enter Europe, you enter a bigger market, and your inflation rises up. Maybe it will become a new kind of fiscal paradise, it could be a really good solution to attract investors and create employment with a low level of taxes. But workers will have a bad time more than they used to. If the UK legalizes marijuana and prostitution like in Spain, they will rule the Footsie and the CAC40 thanks to VAT and taxes. Boris Johnson hire me I have plenty of ideas !

  • Ten years of recession before getting better, with difficulties to deal with less economic attraction. And younger generations leaving the country for better economic opportunities. And plenty of new brits in Dordogne !

Overall, I am not sad or in a mood of deception as I never really considered british to be or feel european. Europe has been build and created by France and Germany in a way to never live a world war again. The first philosophy was to live in peace with neighbours. British are used to live on an island, so they still have that free islander mentality to me, not bad or negative saying that, just part of the culture to me. It’s like saying Martinique and Guadeloupe are part of the European Union, well technically yes…but local life really differs from Europe.

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I appreciate your putting your point of view on this topic, Maxime, as you are clearly a friend of the British and have a very sound understanding of our peculiarities, if that’s an appropriate way to describe our differences. It isn’t intended in any negative sense.

As I was born in 1938 I have a distant recollection of wartime and post-war Europe and since childhood I have realised that Europe is a distinct entity with a common culture, and the Britain is a European country, and I am European.

Like many of my compatriots this identity as a citizen of Europe is not particularly strong in me, unless it is challenged, when I will strongly defend it. I am an internationalist and believe in solidarity with and peaceful.coexistence with all humanity, in its amazing diversity.

You say that Brits are an insular people, and it is true in my experience that British insularity is justifiably synonymous with many unpleasant attributes, including wilful ignorance of and sometimes contempt for other cultures, and hostility to strangers. Although not universal, these and many other attitudes and behaviours are widespread, and surface quickly at the slightest perceived provocation.

Another feature of British insularity is the imperialist ambition. Combined with contempt for inferior peoples, this has earned us a corresponding mistrust by other people’s around the world. I can’t see that approach to Brexit is going to do us much good when we leave. The legacy of historic hypocrisy and betrayal is too vivid. In our ambitions to bestride the world again in buccaneering style, we may well get our come-uppance. I think your faith in Boris Johnson is misplaced. Most of us think he is loathsome and utterly unreliable, including perhaps some members of his own family.

Best wishes for voicing your ideas so fluently and with such élan :grinning:

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Religion and Politics :smile:

Brexit means ?..……(not long to wait now)

Not sure if anyone reads a newspaper anymore - I get all my news directly from Donald Trumps tweets :innocent:

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David - think this must be fake. No one is that stupid. And which country is he talking about? Australia or the UK. If the UK what the hell is he doing in Australia??? No, something very odd about it.

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Some very good points made there Peter. From my recollection of school days back in the 1960’s I was taught that everybody was inferior to we Brits. Other Europeans only had tanks that went in reverse, Antipodeans were basically all criminals or offspring of, Africans were people we pledged threepence to a month to stave off starvation, Americans were coarse and brash and the rest of the world didn’t exist outside of National Geographic magazine. Oh how privileged to be an Englishman.

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Nothing much has changed then! :sob::sob:

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When we bought here in 2003, the rate of exchange was around €1.51. When we moved here in 2006 it was €1.47. It remained fairly stable until December 2007 when it began to drop, almost reaching parity in January 2009. After that it picked up to around the €1.12 region where it remained (roughly) until the time of the referendum where it peaked to an eight year high. It has since returned to the €1.12 mark. The lower rate hurts, but it isn’t entirely to do with Brexit.
Almost 200 Countries belong to Interpol. Sharing information upon events and criminal activity since it began in 1923. I truly believe that no one Country or group of Countries is not going to pass on information relating to terrorist activities, just because we are no longer a member of the EU. The threats that are being made about this and other things are, I believe scaremongering. No one truly knows what will happen until it does.

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What a load of cr**! Sorry but there’s no other way to describe your fiction.

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Love Europe, Hate the EU. Wasteful and corrupt.

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Hi, can you give an example?
Hopefully nothing like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA3jeCIodPU

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Yes, I live in France but no, I didn’t vote (not permitted to!) but if I could have done so I would have voted to leave. Why? Because I don’t like the way Europe is heading. It is doomed thanks to Merkel’s and Macron’s race towards implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan of white genocide in order to earn their brownie points. May, also a globalist and New World Order advocate, would have made sure she also got her share of the award. Brexit will hamper this progression towards the total destruction of the UK which is happening to Europe right now. Not to say, of course, that the UK post Brexit will escape the same doom eventually unless the people revolt…!

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I get that you can live in France as a Brit and still have little love for the EU.

But is it not rather selfish to say that you would vote to remove the freedom from others that you, yourself, exercised in coming to live in another EU country?