Why is so hard to sell in Lot?

I have tryed to sell our house but not even a interest mail?
The main house consists of two floors each approx. 110 m2. On the ground floor a large living area, a large and seperate kitchen, a bathroom with lavabo and WC, handicap friendly. On the second floor 4 bedrooms, one large living area, bathroom, seperate WC. A 70 m2 private south-facing terrace. Enclosed and sunny inner garden, extra plot ideal for growing for exemple vegetables accessible via a private pathway, bread oven ( still working ), hangar. The guest house or holiday home on two levels (50m2/each level) consists of on the upper level a spacious bedroom, seperate bathroom, spacious living/kitchen area, south-facing terrace. Ground floor area consists of three enclosed areas, to be used for exemple as an atelier and or storage area. Private garage to renovate. Barn on two levels partly renovated. Total plot 1350 m2. The property is a former restaurant with possibiliteis to re-open as any business.
This beautyfull House is in Saint-Cirgues, Lot Villagewebsite: Saint-cirgues.com

Possibly too big and expensive to heat for most people, cannot see any type of heating other than the log burner?

We used to have two A/C connected using them from Dec - March, when you live in it it keeps Warm 85cm thick stonewalls. Plans for changein whole roof in July 2018 and isolate attic.

150K € with new roof i July, Negotiable, will reduce at a quick sale

Gosh, where to start?

It’s a huge space, much too big for a 2nd home and would need much work to turn it into a home. The kitchen is clearly commercial and bathroom, from what I can tell tiny.

The photos are awful. You do, at least, have plenty but too tiny to show any detail. What they appear to show is a vast empty space with no softening domestic touch, I’m not sure from this presentation whether you are trying to show this as a commercial or residential building.

The gite comes across better.

And, on the commercial side - yes it could be used, as it obviously has in the past as a shop, café or restaurant but, have a think about what is happening to businesses around you - locally to us hotels and restaurants are struggling and closing. How are things within 20km of your village - if it is the same no-one will be wanting to start up a new venture.

I don’t know the area but have a look around to see what else 150,000€ would buy, decide what type of buyer you are aiming at, spend some time watching “house doctor” programmes to get some ideas.

Sorry to be so negative but you asked why you haven’t had any interest.


Where are you advertising it? Is it with agencies? I can’t see it on leboncoin so maybe that is worth a try?

I’m afraid I have to agree with Paul. The photos make it look like there is a lot of work to do to make it into a home rather than a business. If you are trying to sell it as a home then I’m not surprised that you have had little interest. Property is notoriously difficult to sell in rural France so I think you need to look at the property critically and think about making some changes. There is a small hotel in the next village to me that has been on the market since we first came to the Tarn - that was 10 years ago!

I don’t mean to sound harsh, I’m sure you love your house, but I suspect that you need to improve it or drop the price.


Mmm… I 've looked at your link twice now… and I agree with other posters about the photos.

The main house needs to be “dressed” for each photo… and you could do this with a minimum of props… give folk some idea of dimensions and how furniture fits… gets them visualising their own bits and pieces. Simply saying the size, actually means nothing to most folk.

Better to see a room furnished… (and here you move bits around for different angled shots)…it lets folk appreciate that the size is, indeed, large.

To sell our house in UK, we were advised to de-clutter and de-personalize… We did so and sold within 4 days (OK it was at peak time, but you get my drift).

For you, my advice is to do the exact opposite… you need to make the property visually appeal to the would-be buyer. There is a lot of competition in the property market, yours must be seen as “exceptional”.

Good luck.


Tanks for the suggestions, they will help!

Yes Ive runned the place as a Restaurant until the Artros caught up with me… so Its Big. There were never any problems to get guests and it was profitable… as are the bars and restaurants 9km away in Maurs.

Photos yes It looks empty, I have tried to get some old on but as it is empty… Maybe I have to Refurnish to get it more Appeling. have put a few furnished on now http://business.listico.com/photosimagen/

regarding Price it is lower than most of houses in the area… , Before renovating and changein all electrics the price was lower… a lot lower… same thing … no interests.


It’s not easy to stay cheerful when you want to sell… and no-one wants to buy…

What Agency have you tried. ???

I think you need to find the right Agency for what you are offering. The property has great potential as a business-premises with accommodation + gîte… so it does need to be marketed by an Agency which specializes in the commercial market. … perhaps you have already tried that… :zipper_mouth_face:

Also, it needs to be advertised abroad… not just in France…

I understand that it is health problems which cause the sale… and the stress must be awful… fingers crossed that it turns out well.

Hi, yes I have tried 3 local Estateagents, The Notary, and several webbased Realestate companies, and also business specialists. All of them valuate the propety to €200k+ so It might just be the Political situation within EU.
We have a lot of English neighbours… I dont know…

Around me, it is the Dutch who are buying at the moment… except for a few Parisiens who want to move into the countryside…

It looks like a very niche property. I can’t imagine who would buy it, sorry.

It doesn’t sound that expensive for the Lot, but the comments here make a lot of sense. GreenAcres.com seems to be a very active UK based site and often show more curious or non-standard properties.
Also the right Agency is critical, and my last property in the Jura when the Agent found someone who had a small collection of Minis and by widening the door in barn area (attached to the house) he could put six in there, plus had a wide yard as a turning circle, exit etc. Never would have occurred to me.
Oddly I have been playing around with an idea of a ‘classic movie house’ (i.e; out of Copyright old films) and the restaurant room area seems as if it could suit the purpose, but you are far too distant from me, but it might be an idea to think of some possible uses away from Restaurants which might give some entrepreneurs thoughts? English Book Exchange/Library, Local Meeting room for Associations, such-like things?
Just a thought, but if you are getting zero response, you might have to think ‘outside the box’ - or even 'inside ’ for that matter?

Hello Jan,
It’s not so hard to sell in the Lot. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get the house ready to sell; move out your junk, stage it and have awesome pro photos taken with great lighting. The chief marketing tool you’ll have are photos. If you are waiting for a ‘potential buyer’ in order to do all of that, just imagine that they are probably waiting for a “serious seller” from their point of view.

  2. The narrative approach to describing the house might work for you, but it doesn’t work for your audience. They need photos that have CAPTIONS. In other words, if you say “large living area”…show them!

  3. Provide floor plans up front – don’t wait for someone to ask. Include the dimensions and square footage/meters.

  4. Stress those unique qualities, for example, ‘handicap friendly’…is it really? Is it just ‘friendly’ or is it constructed so that a handicapped person can use it? Does that mean a person in a wheelchair, or just an elderly person?

  5. Tell the potential buyer when the last renovations were done, especially how old the systems are and the roof, etc. In general, the more you tell people, the more interest you will generate. Talk about the yard. Talk about the neighbors and the village/country. Talk about your favorite things about the house.

  6. Don’t simply rely on agents to list your home, because all they will do is put one photo on their window or in their website. Instead, spend the €200 it takes to have a unique website, dedicated to the property.

Finally: Target your market - mail to likely buyers using a mail list or overseas realty agents.

I’m not a professional but I’ve sold many homes.

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Just my own opinions :slight_smile:

Photos don’t do the place any favours and having a ladder against the wall looks bad.
The presence of furniture in a partially furnished place makes it look sad, either show the place well arranged or empty.
Is there double glazing ?
Is the loft insulated ?
Is there no heating apart from the woodburner ? Your area gets cold and those stone walls are cold radiators, are the walls insulated ?
How far to the nearest shops ?
Present the property more professionally

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Thanks everyone for the tips, I will dress the building up when I get down next time, have added plans and adjusted text.