Why is UK looking for the pale side of France?

Would truely love for a TV PRODUCTION co in London to take interest of the positive side of moving to France and making life succesful here.

But it is always twisted and turned.

One of SF members put me in touch with a production Co which seems to be interested in the great things in life not smutty, frilly nonessense but low and behold they are looking for the big struggle.

Anyone who is having an easy time just now was born with the crown jewels in their mouth not just a spoon.

I know lots of people in my region who are doing great things....BUT

great things is not about academy awards;

It is about a life much deeper....much richer than they can imagine.

Well they are planning to include success but I feel that they will play this down.

Why on earth is France looked upon as if she is the poor cousin who wears the hand

me down coat and smiles sweetly because she is prettier but she comes from the poorer

side of the Family?

Samantha Brick you know all these rogues of the London Industry of media ....Catherine you too?
No director has his heart in the lens and his mind in the script.

Could I expect that my ex BBC client would entertain a real look at France.

Oh well I will keep on trying....

On the Dutch TV there's a program called "Ik vertrek" or "I Leave". It's about your everyday Dutch family deciding to pack up their things and leave to start a new life combined with a business or professional activity in another country. They give you an insight in the difficulties these people encounter (f.e. trying to start a camping-site in France without speaking French, getting mangled by the French bureaucracy etc.).

I do encounter these people now and then and their story is always the same. The film crew follows them for about a month in total, filming and sometimes directing the scenes that take place. The final, aired version of about 40 minutes gives systematically a negative view, highlights the things that go wrong rather than those who are a succes. Some episodes weren't aired simply because the emigrants came well prepared and nothing terrible happened. Drama sells, feel-good TV doesn't.

But I guess Barbara that one could combine success and failure in such a TV-program when the aim is to show what it really takes (predominantly as a person, but also in terms of good preparation) to start all over again outside your native country.

yes it would be, I just hope it gets on French TV if they ever do one otherwise I'd miss it!

AH YES but....

Still could be very interesting...
Because a lot of very special and strong people will make

a very interesting programme.

Unfortunately a programme on how people are doing OK in France would be good but wouldn't attract as many viewers as filming all those who have problems etc. !