Why taking out holiday insurance is a good idea!

(Ann Coe) #1

Having just read of this family’s nightmare while on holiday it’s a good thing they had insurance cover.
I have always taken out insurance cover when travelling out of Europe, the peace of mind far outweighs any costs!
Do others use insurance or take a chance ?

(stella wood) #2

Phew… for a minute, I thought the family did NOT have Insurance… thank goodness they DID !!!

A good lesson to all… you just never know… :open_mouth:

(Ann Coe) #3

I always used insurance that included (if I was too ill to travel back home) payment for a close family member to visit me, air fares, hotel costs etc. Also included once (hopefully) I could travel, was full repatriation.
Thankfully I never had to use the insurance but it did give me peace of mind :relaxed:

(Jane Williamson) #4

We have looked into having holiday insurance but as I am over 70 and am asthmatic the cost was prohibitive.
All they were unterested in was how many drugs was I taking, not have I ever been admitted to hospital or anything really relevant.
I cannot get Jim to go on holiday at all, never mind long distance.

(Glenn Beavis) #5

We always take out Holiday insurance…the ampunt that could go amiss is boggling these days

Ask Jim if he would do a house swap with someone else in France for a week or two :smiley: