Why the Tour de France leader wears yellow - Who knew?

I had no idea until l read this


Amd same reason why the leader of the Giro D’Italia has a pink jersey, as that was the colour of the equivalent newspaper. …

and …I always thought the Leader wore a bright colour so he stood out in the crowd… and “would not get lost in a snow-drift” :upside_down_face::rofl::rofl:

I think I have heard this on part of the commentary of the Tour when they were explaining the differences between the jerseys.

This doesn’t bode well for Team Sky - and, in my opinion, rightly so - There are too many things in this story that don’t add up. We’ve seen so many doping scandals over the years you would think it would turn us away from the race - But, l don’t know about you, I just can’t tear myself away from the TV every afternoon in June/July. And l was so looking forward to seeing Chris Froome giving his all once again.