Why we should all boycott Israel

Thank you, what I thought I knew, now confirmed as fact.

Yes that’s what Germany did to its Jewish businesses. Ever heard of Kristallnacht? That was an event but they were targeted ongoing to be hounded out denied destroyed confiscated etc. And the general population participated day by day and in groups and in mobs at times too.

We are better than that.

Yes but that’s my point, it was the oppressors ruining the oppressed, the Israelis are not, by any stretch of the imagination, the oppressed. Therefore we should be able to know the companies who deal with Israel, or are controlled or owned by it.

That makes us as bad as the people that did it to Jewish businesses in Germany. We end up hounding named businesses, which is not too far from hounding named people.

If the US won’t take the lead for their current alliance countries all doing this then we had better get together and do it without them. After fomenting conflict in the Middle East and poking the bear in the East putting this continent that they are far away from in danger, do you seriously think the US can be relied on to take the lead anymore next time either?

Yes, that’s the idea Karen. Companies that do business, invest or support in any other way the West Bank occupation should be named and shamed. It worked with apartheid South Africa and nobody drew any comparisons then with the Nazi crimes of the 30s. It was, then as now, a question of defeating apartheid.

I’m afraid you are conflating criticism of Israel with antisemitism, they are not the same thing, by any manner of means. Pro Israeli groups have tried, quite successfully, to use the antisemitic slur to try and stifle criticism of Israel for decades, they are still trying. Even jewish people who have criticised Israel have been called antisemites and “self haters” and “jew haters” by the more extreme elements in society.

Being accused of being antisemitic would be traumatic for a non jewish person, I can’t imaging how horrible it must be for a courageous jewish person who’s just stating their views. IMO, it is not a term that should be bandied around lightly.

There have been many articles on the inappropriate weaponising of antisemitic accusations in the defence of Israel’s excesses, but I think this one (which I also posted earlier) is particularly apposite.


No I am not confused John.

I simply will not name an Israeli firm here on SF whose products are widely distributed in France and often many of us are in places they are sold, with a suggestion along the lines of let’s boycott this brand and tell every store selling their stuff you will certainly not buy that company’s products in their store as they are Israeli . You may even say you and any friend whom you can tell that store is selling Israeli products are likely to stop.buying any product from that store until all Israeli products are removed.

Might as well post a Jewish individual’s name and suggest everyone perscutes them. Which is much what Germany did.

That Israeli person or firm is not acting in Gaza and I’d not know if they support their government’s actions in Gaza. So they should not be targeted individually.

Completely different if a set of governments agree to boycott Israel as a whole ie stop all trade and soon all money movement and at a named point, people movement. That’s an action against the regime as a whole and not targeting individuals and firms individually.

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Your reluctance to name and shame prompted me to do some Google research.
There are many Israeli companys distributing their products in France and elsewhere and equally many more non Israeli companies that support Israel or supply to them,
Sadly it is far easier to find out the company’s than it is to boycott them and their products :sleepy:

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I’m not sure if boycotting Israeli source goods wouldn’t be a rather indiscriminate targeting of businesses, many of whom may be valiantly trying to change their government’s policies from within. Not all Israelis support the far-right part of their government or their society

Isreal has some deep problems and the settlers, having long been encouraged by the government and security forces, need to be brought to heel, hard and fast and very visibly.

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Indeed, but perhaps a more apposite comparison is both individuals’ and governments’ boycotting of SA products, sport and culture during the late Apartheid era.

The illegal settlers won’t be brought to heel and there will be no plan for a shared future while Netanyahu and his ultra ministers remain in power. I don’t think the response to Hamas began as ethnic cleansing, but it does seem to be evolving into it.

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