WiFi Booster / Répéteur WiFi

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
We’re in the process of updating our Orange Livebox 3 Play to a 4. We think that a WiFi booster would be a good idea too as our signal’s not brilliant, but there are hundreds out there!
Does anybody have any recommendations please?
The Livebox is in the study and the TV in the lounge about 15 /20 metres away.
I’d be grateful for any suggestions - many thanks :grinning:

I got and Orange one for free from Orange when we got our new livebox. Works fine, but doesn’t have much of a range,so will need to get anothe rone to get to the guest bedroom. We also have an orange extendeur which has a better range.

If you can run a network wire to where you want wifi then a wireless access point is you best suggestion.


There are network extenders which work over the house wiring system. If you TV has an RJ45 socket, you can utilise the extender for that purpose. Saves trying to propagate the signal through thick stone walls…

Something like this from Amazon France

Also -

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When we upgraded to livebox 4 from orange we were also provided with a free extender. Even some of our internal walls are 50cm stone. We bought another extender and use a previous wifi extender
Now the signal is great in every room…

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The problem with extenders is that the signal *looks* good because you are close to the nearest Wi-Fi transmitter - but that is relying on the much weaker signal to “talk” to the router.

Mesh systems and extenders are easy to set up but introduce a lot of latency as well, which can be bad for gamers.

Which is why the best way to set them up is with a fixed Ethernet connection, as Graham says.


Done that for the first floor extender - cable was easier to run upstairs to the office area. The more modern downstairs extenders are ok to do TV and tablet/phones.
No gamers in our household.

Mesh systems. Work very well.

I use - and is generally rated a good budget buy - Tenda. Amazon usually around 80 for 3 boxes But there are known brands in the 150 to 200 range.

One plugs into your livebox / router the others you place around the house. Theres an app that allows you to fiddle - but they work fine out the box. Ours is faster than our internet connection - but streaming 2 HD sources works fine

Read on Google if you care how they work - but they work and are plug and play ready which is all you really need to know

Hi Jane
Thanks, I could have got the Booster for free if I changed contracts, but the new contract was more expensive so have stayed with the old one!! It sounds as tho you’re happy with the Booster tho - thanks :smiley:

Thanks Mat, but sadly that’s not really possible :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks Graham - the Orange Repeater is one that I’ve been looking at … especially as everything else is Orange! :grinning:

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Thanks to everybody for your replies - I have some digging to do I think! :smiley:

That’s just not possible… you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear…
What you may be experiencing is the WiFi speed as @billybutcher aluded to earlier -

So, if your internet speed from your ISP is say 4 Mb you cannot improve on that by any means… what you are seeing, as stated earlier, is the speed you are getting from the internal device - not from the ISP which remains constant.

If someone would offer to drill through 60cm stone walls and floors then I would :grinning:

In any system of two things one is faster than the other - our limiting factor is the internet.

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Don’t forget that, in practice Wi-Fi gives about half the connection speed in terms of actual throughput.

Doesn’t add up. You said ithe internet was faster which is clearly not the case

In this thread, at least, Chris said:

I think he is just happy that his Wi-Fi isn’t limiting the speed he gets out of his Internet connection, which is not a totally unreasonable position.

So where do you want the hole? :

There may be a bit of filling to do afterwards!


this bundle from Amazon might come in useful…

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