Wifi printer problems

Hello everyone. I am being driven up the wall by my printer and really hope someone can help. I had set up printer/laptop to print wireless, everything was running fine. Now I am having problems. I can print when connected via USB and my 2nd laptop, just installed, will print fine on the wireless connection. So I know there is no problem with the printer or the neufbox. I have recently installed AVG on my laptop, so am wondering if it is anything to do with the firewall settings (tho I did disable them whilst trying to install the print drivers for the Nth time but still the installation failed). The printer wizard set up can see the network, and like I say I have tried to reinstall the drivers from HP but the installation fails. If anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Nick it is the wife’s laptop whoo is having the problems so I will pass on your info to her and thanks for the help its much appreciated

If the one laptop can print to it happily over wireless, then it must be down to the laptop. Can you ping the IP address of the printer from the failing machine?

There are a whole pile of networking tools you could use to check the inter-device communications, if you are happy at the IP layer, like wireshark. You can then check the hand shakes between the working machine and the failing machine.

Apart from AVG, have you installed any other software?

Have you tried renewing your IP address from the DHCP server on the wifi access point, to make sure you are not using a duplicate IP address?

It could be a lot of issues, and the more information you can provide , the better.