WIFI. Printer

Need some advice , am looking to buy a reasonable but not mega expensive printer to enable me to print direct from ipad air .

My PC is so slow and the cable from PC is somewhat unreliable and takes me forever to print anything. Thank you for any advice

Hi Elaine

You've probably taken the plunge and already bought it, so ignore if that's the case!

Like you I got fed up of trailing cables and long print times, so was looking around for quite a while before i took the plunge.

In the end the important stuff for me was

a) wifi enabled (it actually prints via your orange/sfr box etc)

b)direct printing and scanning from my mobile phone

c) top quality scans (2400 x 4800)dpi

d) cheap - at only 100£/E

e)individual cartridges (I cant bear to throw away ink because the yellow has gone but the magenta and cyan are fine!)

f) colour of course

So in the end I picked the CANION MP6350 as per this link 5i actually got it from Darty fo €120 about 4 months ago)


I love it, colour touch screen, good quality print and scans, automatic switch off, auto start up (when it receives request to print). Fantastic.

No different to other models, cartridges are expensive and there are six of them. The original cartridges delivered with the printer are only 'demos' and dont last long. The generic ones form Bureau Vallé work perfectly well at around 40€ and are lasting much much longer...

It is a B&W but there are several colour ones in the series. I've always had HP before but the refills are getting ridiculously expensive and the clone versions last no time. The Samsung series use different ink refills that work out far more reasonable and can be refilled anyway. I found that buying here is the only way to have a valid warranty, importing from the UK voids that, and anyway whilst printers are now only slightly cheaper the delivery costs through the nose. I used Priceminster's site here and found a good offer and went for it, delivery in 48 hours free with a refill free which together save me 10-12% on a UK order.

I had the idea from James and kept looking. At the local store when they built my desktop for me and maintain our equipment, they have both B&W and colour Samsung printers they use in their office which I had looked at first, discussed ink and paper economy and so on and then compared with a wide range. It is a wifi model and I print directly from my phone and tablet as well. We have a shared HP colour printer, mine died after two years although not used excessively, but that has to be networked over OH's computer which must be on whether she is using it or not whereas the wifi printers now are great. My daughters both print via mine unless they need colour, all pretty good by my books. Whilst it is B&W, I am mainly printing documents as it is, scanning and so on is colour of course but it also converts colour to pretty decent grey tones if required. The colour version I saw at our regular store does very good photo prints.

Brian is it just B and W or can it do colour ?

Am looking for a colour printer that i can print directly frim my i pad air with. 'Airprint ’ ??? Not sure if that is the same thing as wifi, not too expensive, not too big as OH wants to keep other printer to use from his PC . So basically something fairly basic but reasonable quality …

I used an HP all-in-one in the UK and it was excellent model 5510 which cost £79. I’ve been looking for one here and on the HP site they have models ranging from £30 depending what features you want.

The Samsung SCX 3400 laser series are excellent. I have a black and white one since we have a colour printer we can share. It is very good quality, excellent scanning, fast printing and quite cheap. I had the chance to see one in operation, in fact more than one including a colour printer. I am fussy but have had it (basically started looking at the same time as James who passingly mention Samsung) since the end of last year and think it is very, very good.