Wii for free in Charente Maritime

Hello! I"m really sorry, I didn’t see your replies on the main forum before don’t know why! And your email didn’t go to my inbox. I’m a bit dim when it comes to posts and forums. Many apologies.

If you still want the Wii, we are around tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, much of Saturday - can fit in with you - and Sunday morning. Or next week - I’m here Monday up till 4, or any time Tuesday’ or Wednesday afternoon.

Ours is a tiny hamlet, about 5 kms from an (equally small) village, just off the road to Montguyon. We are hard to find, but if you tell me which direction you’re coming from - Chalais or la Roche Chalais - I will send details. DM me via the forum.

Hoping you’re still interested…

Best wishes from lyn

@lynenrose I would strongly suggest that you edit your post in this topic to remove your personal details as it in the open forum and can be read by all and sundry.
Far better that you send a PM to the person your are trying to address which will preserve you anonymity and personal details.

Oops I meant to pm the person - how do I edit though? I’m confused!

Are you happy for me to edit on your behalf?

Yes please! Sorry to be so useless

I suspect that you can’t edit posts or send PM’s yet.

If anyone is interested, DM me or @lynenrose.