Wii Wanted

I received your message Toovey - and will email you.
@billybutcher - as you see we’re now in email contact - but would still like to know why the site messaging stopped working (I message others quite frequently without any problem, including Graham today, so I guess the problem lies in Toovey’s setup).

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Worked ok for me.

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Still looking if anyone has one or knows somewho wants to sell, please let me know!

regards T

Have you looked in places like Emmaus? That’s where I took mine when I didn’t know what to do with it.

Thanks Sue, unfortunately the nearest is 1hr20mins away!


Le bon coin, loads on there.

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Just in case we get people coming forward happy to sell theirs I’ll stand in line behind toovey! As long as it has the racing cow :rofl:

Anyone in mind. :thinking::wink::smile:

Wouldn’t like to say :rofl:

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Hi Toovey - we have a Wii that is no longer used. We are in Dept 17, but close to the border with the Charente (16) and Dordogne (24) . We are close to La Roche Chalais (24) and Chalais (16). We go to Bergerac occasionally so it’s not that far. Let me know if you’re interested.
Cheers from lyn

Many thanks Lyn, Could you possibly let me know what you have? I have been asked this by daughter, as I barely understand the concept!

Thanks again!

Sorry didn’t see your reply before - I will open the box it’s been stored in for ages and have a look. Will let you know as soon as I can get to it (we’re moving and its buried under a pile of other boxes)
best wishes from lyn

Many thanks Lyn, I’ll await hearing from you! Are you moving some where nice?


Hello again - it’s a Nintnedo Wii Sport - consists of the Wii unit itself (connects to the tv) with its remote, 2 nunchucks, a steering wheel, and 4 games. It’s complete and was working fine when we last used it (about 6 years ago) since when it’s been packed up in a box - the grandsons got too old for it!

It’s free and you’re welcome to come and collect it. We’ll be away from Monday 30 Jan to Thurs 2 Feb but any time after that is fine. If you don’t want it, let me know - I’ll put it on our local network.

We are moving about 25 kms from here (near Montguyon in Charent Maritime) to St Romain in the Charente. Not going till mid March but clearing out in preparation…
Best wishes from lyn

Hello, Many thanks, we’d love it please! Drop me a line when you are back and we can arrange
a RDV.

regards Barb

I’m still interested too if anyone else has one, particularly with the sports bit :smile:

OK, will do,
best wishes from lyn

Hi Lyn, hope you had a good trip! I need to go to Bergerac tomorrow so thought I could come to you as well if that’s OK with you??

kind regards, Barb


We’re now back from our whistle-stop trip to the UK, so if you’d still like the Wii, let me know so we can arrange a time for you to collect it.
cheers from lyn

Hi Lyn, That’s great, Is tomorrow any good? About 11-12 in the morning ? If you could send me your address and any directions if it’s not easy to find. Otherwise I’ll use my GPS.

thanks again, Barb