Wild Garlic

Would any of you lovely people have inspiring ideas for an abundance of wild garlic, soon coming to an end.

Have already wilted it down with pasta, like you would with spinach.

Used with potatoes instead of bulb garlic, whizzed it in a blender to pesto / mojo sauce…

But what else?

Link, upload, OK…Then Add Reply!!

Huge amount of wild garlic in our area

Hi Stuart
Still having problems, either I get a box full of code when uploaded a pic, have also tried thumbs so really small files and the pics appear in the box but when I go back they have disappeared. Wonder if this site has a glitch with mac?
Should probably check with the admins about this
Thanks for your help

Hi Ric

If you click on the second icon in the little tool bar on the mesaage you can upload a photo from your hard drive. The one beside “link”


Thought I’d managed to upload pics of wild garlic but no…
Stuart can you explain explain the process please?

Some good hunter gathering there @jeanette, just wondering how big those plants are @stuart hard to get perspective in your photo they look quite big… and maybe larger than normal chive.

Thanks Ric
All we’ve been doing up to now is getting rid of them, they are all over the place.
The roots are very short and easy to pull out.They have a tiny buld on each root. I’ll take a photo this evening and post it. I’d like to find out what this is. I think you could be right on some sort of chive?
I’m not taking any chances.


@Stuart not sure what you have there although it looks similar to chives before they flower…wild garlic is milder, subtle and very versatile. But agree with @Jeanette take care and don’t confuse with lily of the valley!! which looks very similar…the smell will tell.

Wild Leeks I’m told. I don’t think they are? Anyone help?

Thanks Jeanette, but I’ve just been told by Nathalie that it’s wild leeks we have. Doh.

We have loads of that. I didn’t realise it was used so much. Does it taste like “normal” garlic?