Wild weather -October /November 2018

(Bill Morgan) #201

Windless here Chris, been a beautiful day, but ‘muggy’ in the late afternoon, we don’t often get anything dramatic in SE Morbihan :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Kite) #202

No Tv now, electric will be next☹️

(Bill Morgan) #203

Rowlocks! :unamused:

(Mandy Davies) #204

(stella wood) #205

I know Wild Weather is hitting many countries at the moment… but poor Portugal will be suffering next…such a pretty country… with lovely people…

(Jane Williamson) #206

Here in the Clunysois we are suffering from a drought.
This afternoon we had a wonderful get together of all our neighbours in fabulous weather.
We could do with some rain, but not floods, but then we are at 420 metres.

(Nellie Moss ) #207

It’s really warm for October in NW England but wet and windy. Everybody was say today how strange it is

(stella wood) #208

3 loads of laundry done and dusted, yesterday and again today… hoping to get another 3 loads done tomorrow… that will bring us up to date… phew.

Wonderful sunshine with stiff-ish breeze… but no rain and things are tinder dry.

(Mandy Davies) #209

Been raining for 4 days here non-stop. Torrential earlier this week.

This happened in the village we used to live in, about 4kms from where we are now.

(stella wood) #210

Good heavens… that was quite something wasn’t it… glad no-one was hurt though…

(Mandy Davies) #211

Yes fortunate no-one was hurt. Must be strange not to have the bells ringing. :bell::bell:

(stella wood) #212

Hopefully the council will have sufficient insurance cover to get everything put back… but it will take time… :neutral_face:

and, of course, the homes/buildings that were also damaged… ooops…

(Chris Kite) #213

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts…After Brexit all rights that the uk had to warm air pushing up from Europe will be withdrawn.
Fortunately Boris and JRM should be able to provide enough hot air to keep the chill off :wink:

(stella wood) #214

We’ve had strong gusts… but absolutely nothing like Portugal is suffering…

With some 20 classic cars… we toured “old Portugal” (as against the Algarve) and had a wonderful holiday… sounds as if some of it has changed beyond recognition

(stella wood) #215

The Aude is on Red Alert… take care any of you down there…


(Mandy Davies) #216

It’s terrible Stella. The rain is unbelievable. We are right on the border with l’Aude and it’s just as bad here.

6 dead now and lots of damage. Even the local route nationale is closed because it’s next to the Thoré river which has broken it’s banks. I am going nowhere today.


(stella wood) #217

Good grief… take care… stay warm and dry… :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #218

More news in English.

(Mandy Davies) #219

Oh my goodness this is awful. I know Villegailhenc well as I drive through it to get to Carcassonne.

(Mandy Davies) #220

How is it where you are Vanessa @Essexness ? Are you OK? I know you are close to Carcassonne. Stay safe.