Wild weather -October /November 2018

(stella wood) #241

Looks like time to checkout the thermal underwear…

(Ann Coe) #242

Looks like we will be getting some long awaited rain here next week. We have been on red crisis alert for water for many many weeks now. I have never seen my étang as low and the fish are bunched in the deeper middle part that is getting smaller every day ! :fish::fish::whale:
Also just seen on one of our local sites that there might be snow mixed in with the rain ! :scream::snowflake::snowman_with_snow:
29 01:00 3 °C Nord-Nord-Est : 18 ° 20 40 1.9 mm 94 % 1010 hPa Pluie faible
07:00 2 °C Nord : 9 ° 20 40 0.7 mm 92 % 1009 hPa Pluie et neige mêlées faibles
13:00 4 °C Nord-Nord-Ouest : 345 ° 15 30 0.3 mm 81 % 1009 hPa Couvert
19:00 3 °C Nord-Ouest : 323 ° 10 30 – 78 % 1008 hPa Couvert

(Jane Williamson) #243

Where are you Ann?
We are desperate for rain.
We have a forage but the pump broke and it has taken ages to get it replaced. We eventually found one in Italy which was exactly the same and we got it for 400 euros than the price we were quoted in Macon.
We also have snow forecast for the end of next week, but if it is anything like the forecasts for rain, it will disappear.

(Ann Coe) #244

Centre of France - on the borders of South Indre 36 /North Creuse 23.
We are in a granite region, being on the edge of the Massif Central, and it’s an area of farmlands, forests, wetlands, streams and ponds. It’s very rural and quiet where I live and I love it !
This drought is causing a real problem here, the farmers are using their winter hay supplies to feed the cows at the moment. Normally they would get 2 cuts but this year they only managed one!
The ponds and lakes where they draw water for feeding animals in the outlaying fields are drying up rapidly now.
My neighbour’s ‘security pond’ (alongside his barns) that was dug some years ago on the insistance of the pompiers, owing to a massive fire in a nearby farm, is now dry.

Whereabouts are you Jane as it seems we have similar weather ?

(stella wood) #245


(stella wood) #246

Keep cosy everyone…

(Mark Robbins) #247

We actually have some wet stuff this morning, and due snow tomorrow

(Ann Coe) #248

We have rain :clap::clap::clap: At least the fish in the 'etang might now survive :fish::fish::fish:

(stella wood) #249

well… there’s some good then… fish survive to provide supper at a later date :thinking::grin:

Got so chilly here overnight that around 2am OH got the winter duvet out and flung it over … phew… well done that man… :hugs:

Currently 4c and the laundry will either freeze-dry or get another rinse…:wink::rofl::joy:

(stella wood) #250

Winter wonderland… :thinking:

(stella wood) #251

Never thought I would be so glad to have torrential rain…

There’s been a fire raging down in our our valley… all night long… although supposed to be under control… several trees have been lost and they’ve been working/guarding it since yesterday afternoon…

Why they didn’t just dump earth on it… I have no idea… but every time it looked as if it was going out… someone gave it a dig… and whoooosh…

Presumably, “they” want to make the most of their Permit… but it has been a difficult night for the village…

Even in the rain… it seems to just be steaming… but I hope this afternoon will see the end of the whole thing :thinking:

(Helen Wright) #252

What’s going on there Stellla…??? Who are “they” who have a permit and for what…??? (Excuse my ignorance)

Sounds like a worrying night for your village…is the fire all out now…???

(stella wood) #253

Hi Helen…

If anyone wants to have a bonfire… now is the correct season… but they have to fill in forms and leave them with the Mairie 3 days in advance… The idea is to let pompiers etc know where/when controlled-fires are expected… so they can concentrate their resources on emergencies …

Despite today’s rain… I have seen other fires starting up. Heaven knows what accelerant they are using… (if any)… it’s amazing that anything is ablaze… it’s sodden here now.