Wild Weather Weather 2019 - and after the tempests

That has changed for us.
It does depend on which meteo you look at.
Our forecast for tomorrow is looking much better than we had previously expected
Fingers crossed…

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I’d batten down the hatches, except we’re not there so the shutters are already down.

It’s a bit worrying with the number of tall trees that we have though.

“fie to middlin” sounds normal to me!

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A sigh of relief that I decided to put the car outside the property as the area where I normally leave it is now home to a fallen branch !
Been some strong gusts here but I am not venturing outside to do a full damage check until things calm down.
Hope those of you in the storms path are safe and well. :hugs:

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Various bangs and noises from the attics, but nothing bad enough to make me want to venture up there. The door to that staircase is firmly shut - and staying so.

I’ve just phoned my pal at the Mairie - she is going on holiday tonight and I would normally potter up there to speak personally. She reports that we have had no major happenings on the roads. Seems most dodgy trees came down in the last wild-weather session.

The Commune lost electricity for a spell during the afternoon - but only for about an hour though.

Fingers crossed we will have got off lightly, but it is not yet over.

Many other areas have had major happenings.

Keep safe everyone


Most of the wind seems to be going over the top of the valley at the moment, but it can get a bit gusty. Hope it doesn’t get too bad, just put a new gazebo over my (legionella free) hot tub.


I hope you all get through this unscathed. Stay safe everyone xx


Intriguing that the Mulberry Harbour at Omaha Beach was destroyed on 19 June 1944 by a violent storm on much the same track as Storm Miguel. It would appear that it was the worst late spring early summer storm for forty years.

Well the storm did us a favour as it brought down a second tree from the adjacent woods - (1st one fell in April ) Luckily both missed the house and sheds, I originally reported it to the mairie who passed on a message about the problem, and this time they gave me information of who to contact, so I wrote to the person who holds power of attorney for the owner saying that we are interested in buying the woodland due to the risks of the trees - put in photos of the fallen trees and of branches touching the house etc… and have had a call to say they are happy to consider this as its the simplest solution for us all.


And now for the Heat Wave

I shan’t miss that part of living in France! Anything above 30 degrees is just too hot for me, especially if you have very physical work to do.

We might get 26/27 next week and that’s sufficient for me.


When the really hot weather hits - it really is a case of Survive France - we will be taking things very steadily/carefully/coolly :hugs:


Got the grass cutting out of the way this morning, don’t fancy trying it next week!! On the plus side, now it is cut to within an inch of its life the heat will hopefully scorch it and save me a job for a while!!


In case of a heatwave - basically, use your common sense - and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to.

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It’s steaming hot today and we are staying in a house with air conditioning…bliss. We know what we’d like for Christmas already.

Ha ha :smiley: That’s what we thought the first time we experienced a heatwave here. Oh for air conditioning.

However, the following year was indifferent (not so hot) so we didn’t bother.

Every few years I rethink the decision…

It’s nearly 10.30pm and still 30c outside (peaked at 39c)… but we’ve managed to keep the house a pleasant 23c all day.

Just have to see what the rest of the week brings. I’ve almost enough space in one of the deep freezers, if things get desperate :crazy_face:

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I know nothing about the system but I expect it’s expensive to buy and install. Not looking forward to going back to our place at the weekend!
There were a few occasions last year when we shut all the shutters and lived like moles for a while…

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We visited Provence while trying to decide where to buy. - wow, it was so hot there that we spent most of that holiday in the air-conditioned car :upside_down_face::hugs:

We have some of our shutters totally closed and the others half closed.
It actually cooled down in the afternoon, but is forecast to be very hot tomorrow.

I cannot cope with hot and sun tans are always a mystery…Deliberate self cooking? This bit of France, is never as cold as UK, that is, almost never, but it has much more warm rain and lots of storms. The river has never dried up completely, yet, and usually has enough clear water to paddle in. My patch is jungle. Cool, deep shade, no matter how hot it gets. I will never cut a safe tree down, and I will squeeze a few more fruit trees in remaining gaps, soon.

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