Wild Weather Weather 2019 - and after the tempests

by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes :fearful:

I have been out on one of my volunteer roles today and knew I would likely be outdoors for a few hours. Okay thinks I it’s June. Cropped trousers and mock Birkenstock sandals will be fine. Honestly it hasn’t got into the teens temperature wise and at lunchtime it started raining. My colleague had to wear a hat and fortunately I had put a showerproof coat in the car I am just getting feeling back in my toes

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Gracious - that’s rotten. Muggy here rather than chilly outside and the house has taken on board some of the 40c external heat from last week: constant 24c so nice and pleasant. Puddles everywhere and the storm drains are overflowing - need someone to switch the tap off :thinking:

We’ve got an invite to a function for Friday afternoon - which is now a little suspect :upside_down_face:

It is blowing a hooly over here in the Clunysois.
No tennis in Paris.

Crikey Jane - what’s a ‘hooly’ - sounds rather rude and unusual. Do try and remember that ‘‘accepted terms are there for a reason’’…as someone (???) once said, no so long ago, from up on high…


Hey Simon, I’ve translated hooly or hoolie, into Scottish for you, ‘hoolan’, which means ‘strong gale’.
From up on high… I’d say, from the ground to the withers, middling to a good too many hands, (Kentish dialect).


Ha ha, take care Wozza I still remember my Kentish roots and I’ve not heard… " I’d say, from the ground to the withers, middling to a good too many hands, (Kentish dialect) " before.
As someone who had the Invicta stone practically in my back garden it’s all news to me :thinking:

Misty, I added, from the ground to the withers, for better comprehension. The expression is more like, “middl’in to good, too many hans”, I got this from my Grand parents & their generation in the village & pubs, & my Father, sometimes uses it.
Ha ha, thanks, tak’in care :wink:

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Certainly weird weather for the time of year. 86 deg F here in Vendee on Saturday and struggling to get to 60 today with heavy rain squalls. Not exactly what one could call ‘Flaming June’.

Batten down the hatches…Friday looks as though it’s going to be really wild and windy. Another sleepless night in the making :scream_cat::scream_cat:

Don’t panic - not looking too bad at the moment… :wink:


They have ‘downgraded’ us from 110 km/h gusts to just 85 km/h gusts tomorrow . Nevertheless I have moved the car to an area without trees to be on the safe side :thinking:


My tomato plants are battered and floundering - they will have to take their chances.

Other than that, we are battening down the hatches and reckoning on several stiff drinks (at least that might help me to sleep) :hugs::hugs::crazy_face:


Hummmmm looks like things have changed a bit for you guys in the centre / north west!


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I rather wonder if things will change again, in the next few hours :thinking:

I will have to follow Stella’s example and fortify myself with a few stiff drinks … of course it will be a great sacrifice :innocent:
The weather was bound to be horrible, tomorrow I have a rv at the hairdressers, my annual visit so guess I will be going for the casual windswept look :joy:


Take care everyone - this is as at 7.30pm today- for tomorrow morning :no_mouth:


I am off to North Wales in a caravan for two nights on Monday I hope it doesn’t reach that far north

Orange alert with winds rising, changing so quickly…nothing we can do in any case apart from hiding under the covers !
I blame it all on your daughter Stella, it seems that she is known as the storm bringer and even though she has returned she has left a cadeau for us :dizzy_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face:

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Mmm… she does have my generous nature :laughing::rofl: