Wildfires Saint-Tropez area

I hope this has not affected anyone on here, around 100 homes were destroyed :slightly_frowning_face:, my thoughts are with those involved as they will have lost everything.
Keep safe everyone.


Lots of pine forest there and dry underbrush, they go up like candles.

Horrific. My home town :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Scary stuff, we bought our house in the Lot valley in Jan2012 and when we came back that Easter the entire hillside above the house had been burnt out

Du côté de Laroque-Bouillac, promeneurs et habitants ont observé les allées et venues incessantes des sapeurs-pompiers se démenant pour circonscrire l’incendie qui est passé à quelques centaines de mètres du village.

I also remember veldt fires around where I lived in in S Africa’s Eastern Cape, including one where if the fire had jumped the main road, my house would have gone. I had a bag packed with my laptop and some clothes ready to bail out. Fortunately it wasn’t necessary, but I remember too one of my staff losing his family’s summer home to a veldt fire in the seemingly idyllic Nature’s Valley on the Garden Route.

You don’t forget the smell of the burning veldt, nor the anxiety about what might happen…