Will CPAM contribute towards SSR?

Sorry guys, another money question about OH’s treatment.

The specialist has recommended that OH has two weeks’ SSR (convalescence) after his time in hospital, which I think is an excellent idea since I’m in mid gite season and if he comes home it will be almost impossible to get him to take things easy.

However, I cannot get anyone to tell me whether his SSR stay will be covered (in part or totally) by CPAM. I even called Ameli and the young man who answered did not know what SSR was and basically hung up!

I’ve tried France Services - lovely lady, but all she can do is set me up with another phone call with CPAM.

His condition is ALD, so I’m hoping it will be covered, but I’d rather move from “hope” to some form of certainty.

Thanks for any thoughts / suggestions.

As I understand things… if the Doc/Specialist organise/authorise this… some of it will be paid by CPAM and the rest your Mutuelle pays… and perhaps something is left for you to pay…
In some situations the whole thing is covered by CPAM…

Frankly, it is individually applied, so speak with your Doc first then Mutuelle .


Thanks Stella, very helpful link.

A friend of ours who had a heart attack was sent off for SSR, and didn’t pay a centime.

The way to find out for sure could be to ask the hospital they have to request an accord prealable? That’s what I have to do for my three weeks cures.

Amd see if listed in your mutuelle cover.


Thanks Jane. Mutuelle said they would “consider it” if CPAM were contributing!

My frustration with all of this is the lack of certainty PRE treatment.

That’s where the a cord prealable comes in!

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We are in a similar situation with Fran’s upcoming herbergement temporaire. The hospital have asked for an RIB in case there is anything to pay. We think a large proportion will be paid by APA, but no figures have been mentioned.

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For any of these “away from home” bits and bobs… how it will be financed should be made available to whomever it will concern. Perhaps it’s a question of knowing what questions to ask …?

From experience locally, I know that the family of elderly/unwell folk… certainly do discuss who will pay for what ( CPAM/Mutuelle/family) and a decision is made by the family on how to get the best service necessary at least personal financial cost (seems fair enough)…

It was due to one such conversation, that I discovered that not all French folk have mutuelles … aaagh.
The family were dashing around trying to get something “put in place” which would bear some of the financial strain…

But one doesn’t need a full one, until one needs one of course and then it doesn’t take long to get things put in place. Employers pay for mutuelles so it is less apparent, and people aren’t accustomed to this monthly cost.

Of course, each situation is different and there’s no “one-answer-fits-all”… but sometimes it’s because folk don’t realise what is available to them…

and I have witnessed the worry/distress folk suffer, while trying to do what’s best for their loved ones… often simply because someone either forgot or didn’t bother… to have something in place.