Will I be deported

I am 85 and have lived in France for 20 years. I have a permanant residence under the Withdrawal Agreement. If Le Pen’s party forms a governent will i be deported?

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No one knows what’s going to happen in the future, but getting deported should be the least of the worries.

If its one of us, then its all of us is how I see it. Think we have protection under the WA via our CDS and as long as we keep our noses clean, are not a drain on the state unless previously worked and paid in and are entitled to be so. As people have said, your skin colour plays a big part with the RN and where you originated from.

If you are originally from one of the older member-countries of the EU I very much doubt you have much to worry about. You aren’t their (the RN’s) target though as I’m sure I’ve said elsewhere some GB people who have been living below the radar may end up as bycatch.


The proposals that exist (such as they are) are more about restricting new immigrants, tightening conditions on access to benefits, removing the droit du sol for new borns, and making a (very) basic level of French obligatory for CdS renewals. That sort of thing.

The idea that self sufficient, home owning, mature white people would be deported is rather far off the list!

And before people panic, for those on WARP cards if they stick to EU legislation then can’t demand a language evaluation at renewal.


Steady on!

RN Bardella may become PM but that and the Assembly are not the presidency, where power rests. With a bit of time, and luck, the RN may blot their own copybook and spare us stress before the next France GE.

And, as others have said, forcefully herding elderly former EU Brits out of France would be a PR own goal and not remotely likely before every ferry space has been filled by the cultures that RN openly declare they want to go.

War in Europe, that’s a more likely worry.


The impracticality of so many RN promises mirrors those of Farage’s lot, but a number previous prominent RN manifesto items are already being dropped as unworkable or too alienating for most voters.

The more scrutiny the two parties get, the less credible they will appear. Both are economically illiterate and have little to offer beyond basic racism and xenophobia.


Can you imagine the riots if the immigrant population decided an uprising was a good idea. Approx 10% of the French population are immigrants.

It looks like nearly everything promised, whatever the party, is impossible to achieve due to the EU treaties, the primacy of EU law and the Constitution.

To be honest, bigger fish to fry at the moment for me like Mbappe’s nose and France winning Euro2024

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The Conseil Constitutionnel is arguably even more powerful as it can rule that legislation is unconstitutional and therefore cannot be made law. At least that’s what I understand it’s role to be. I think that it is with the CC that RN may come unstuck.

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I’ve never before seen Mbappé’s nose compared to a fish, but always thought he resembles the young Picasso in one of my favourite portraits.

Pablo Picasso Autoportrait à la palette,

It was painted in 1906, just after his Blue Period - which neatly brings me back round to

<< Allez les bleus ! >>


Worse than that, I read somewhere that they’re proposing a ‘cull’ of the over 80’s. :grinning:


I am sure there are no reasons for concern Poons.

I don’t think my neighbours were aware until today… just how insecure some of us Brits feel since Brexit…

Mentioning @Poons question during a general chat … they were horrified and quick to affirm that there is no threat looming over us… :+1:

and I recall the support from French friends when the Referendum threw us all adrift… one offering to give financial support if our pensions stopped… our Doc offered to treat us for free… and the Maire was hammering on our door… wanting to be sure we were not leaving… :wink: :+1:

even so… on dark days, one worries about all sorts of things…


And statistically a good chunk of those very same people will have voted with one of the right of centre - extreme right parties. A few well behaved retired Brits are no threat so easy to be welcoming!


Having forged a strong personal relationship with our neighbours, I am sure that their “comfort” is real and not contrived…

Statistics say a lot of x%$ much of the time… :wink:

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Yes people are people and not political parties the majority of the time. Certainly most of those around the world that I have met want pretty much the same as the rest of us, we are not that much different but politicians and journalist would have you believe different.

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A bit like Brexit “oh, we don’t mean you” just those other immigrants.


Of course, for YOU. As for the rest and people they don’t know personally this probably holds true now as much as it did in the 1940{s

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me