Will Nissan stay once Britain leaves?

It is quite beyond belief that all the areas where there has been major investment by car manufacturers voted to Leave.
They were told that membership of the EU was vital to their markets and supply chain but went ahead and did it anyway.
They have committed economic suicide and I really have no concern for them, other than it will damage the UK economy and the exchange rate, which will affect the vast majority of members of this forum.

This is one of the ironies of Brexit - that those most likely to suffer adverse economic consequences were some of the most likely to vote to leave the EU.

I hope that they feel the pain was worth it - but I doubt that will be the case and I suspect they will be fertile ground for the “EU is punishing us” rhetoric.

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What sort of problems would it cause in France as the Renault car builders would be in competition with the Nissan making the same models. Not everyone knows that they share the same platform yet. The UK were willing to seriously re think strike policy, would France agree? Shame the turkeys in the UK voted for christmas!