Will the pound collapse this week?

May is pulling the trigger this week
Will the pound have a nervous breakdown?

I suspect triggering Article 50 has already been ‘discounted’ by the market. Unfortunately for us folks who need to exchange from time to time it’s the unpredictable that will affect us: any hint that the UK will stay in the single market or customs union will send the £ up, if it looks at any moment like crashing out the £ goes down…

We also have the Dutch elections this week, which I suspect, have not been ‘discounted’ by the market.
We are wondering when to bring over money from UK.

yes Jane…thinking about tomorrow…

Today, the £ is a very unhappy Bunny. This, of course, is unpleasant for those of us who have pensions in Sterling. Who knows what will happen in the future? The only thing that is apparent is that Theresa May has no interest in those English people who have chosen to live abroad. She also has no interest in 48% of the British public who voted, but that’s another story.

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Not immediately as article 50 has already been factored in by the markets and may be counterbalanced by the Dutch election result. Interesting times if you don’t need to change currency or you have a pension from the UK, Teresa May has a hidden agenda and now she not only has Brexit to deal with, there is Nichola rattling her sabre and the Northern Ireland issues which are looming large with the border problem needing to be sorted out. Both regions voted to stay in the EU so again, whatever the outcome, millions are going to be very upset. The British PM and most of her government don’t give a toss so long as they make a name for themselves in the history of a tiny insignificant island which has delusions of grandeur and is living in the past.