Will the Pyramid reveal its secrets?

We visited Egypt some years ago… and it was truly wonderful to see (and touch) these buildings from another age… the pyramids…

I wonder if there really are secrets to be discovered… the kid in me hopes it will be so…:grin:

Bet there’s a Stargate tucked away somewhere.


The Great Pyramid was built as a message from an antediluvian civilisation to the next one that was sufficiently advanced to perceive and understand its meaning. This can be considered a kind of secret, because it is occluded by the dogma that it is a tomb built by a vain pharaoh with bronze chisels a few thousand years ago. So, simply uncovering that it is at least six æons old, let alone six millennia, leads on to a big question: “Why would one send a message at least six æons into the future?”

It was a tomb, built by a vain pharaoh with bronze chisels. Spot on, that’s exactly what it is. Not built by hundreds of thousands of Jewish slaves because there weren’t any, built by Egyptian farmers who had plenty of time on their hand’s.

Maybe Blue Peter was around at the time and it was a Blue Peter Time Capsule?