Will you be joining the protests?

I’m out of the country for a week… and it all goes haywire… :zipper_mouth_face::smiley::upside_down_face::crazy_face:

Well I have a RV at the impôts tomorrow, hope it’s not affected as I have already waited a month to sort out some paperwork. On verra :no_mouth:

No - I am going out for a nice lunch - because that is what you are supposed to do in France!

Not me either.
Protests were a lot more fun in the sixties, with fewer fatalities.

Some years ago, I joined our neighbours and “protested” outside our Prefecture… against the closure of a Class at our school … and others.

Whole new experience for me… thankfully, very peaceful and friendly…some folk played music as they marched with us around the city…

So, no trouble-makers on that occasion, but OH was relieved when I arrived safely back home… :hugs:

Took years of constant pressure… but we finally regained that “lost” Class this September… yeah… :smiley:

I once took part in the protest about Nuclear substances being transported through our small villages. It was held in a local town, it was amazing how many people took part, and how many of them dressed up in ‘hazard clothing’. It was all quite passionate but peaceful… and we won :slight_smile:
This year I took part in the anti 80 kph rallies that were held in our region. Great fun (unless you had to be somewhere in a hurry) with convoys of motorists and bikers being escorted through red lights and roundabouts, followed by a peaceful, but noisy demonstration at the local prefecture. We didn’t win :disappointed:

And a damned good lunch it was too!


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