Will you 'Carbon Offset' your next flight?

(Robert Hodge) #1

Whilst making arrangements for air travel recently, I came across a website that allows a person to make a financial contribution to offset the carbon footprint of the flight to be taken.
Here is the link for those of you who may have interest. https://flygrn.com/offset-carbon

Whether a flight is for business, pleasure, or family reasons, there is no doubt that flying is not exactly eco-friendly from an environmental point of view, so perhaps we should all consider the value in contributing to offsetting the carbon emissions caused by air travel in order to keep our own personal carbon footprint as low as possible. It’s not mandatory, although perhaps it should be, but I urge you to do your bit to help stem the rate of climate change.

It’s been said that we are the first generation to know about how we are contributing to climate change, and probably the last generation to be able to do something about it.
Please give this your serious consideration, and let’s all do what we can to avoid aggravating climate change for our children’s and grand children’s sake.

(Timothy Cole) #2

Laudable idea Robert, an easy way would be to add a ‘carbon offset’ levy to the cost of each flight. I have thought about this for some while and it’s crazy how far ordinary stuff that we use everyday travels either by air or sea. If we stopped buying cheap goods/clothes from the far east or ate locally grown food this would have a big impact on CO2 emissions. Only yesterday we had a food delivery from the UK and some of the items had been produced in the EU, shipped to the UK and then driven 600 miles to our doorstep.

There is one huge problem - the effect on the world economy.

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(Jane Williamson) #3

We do not fly.
However, if we had to fly to Germany for family reasons we certainly would do so.
We heard about carbon offsetting on a tv programme recently and agreed that if forced to fly we would pay the extra.
In the morning and lunchtime here in the Clunysois the sky is criss-crossed with con trails.

(Jane Jones) #4

I’ve been carbon offsetting for years…it’s not new. Even eurostar has been offsetting its train trips for well over 10 years - which makes me happier to pay the extra cost to go by train than a £20 easyjet journey back to London. So slightly sad that it seems to be something that a group of intelligent open minded people aren’t that aware of? But it is not a panacea, there’s a lot of debate about the validity of the schemes, and whether it just deludes people.

We make a big effort to live as responsibly as we can, without strolling round in a hair shirt living on gruel. And it’s not that hard as luckily we are in the happy position of being able to fund responsible choices, like using ‘green’ electricity.

But even if we weren’t there are lots of small actions that help, like where ever possible using locally produced goods and foods, avoiding out of season products that have to be grown in heated greenhouses or flown across the world. Those sorts of things.

Like Robert I feel we have a duty to the next generations to try to change direction. So well done Robert for raising an important issue.

(Jane Williamson) #5

It cost us quite a lot of money when we renovated our buildings, but we installed a heat pump, 3 x 90m wells, solar water heating panels and, of course, double glazing and excellent insulation.
We also have a forage which gives us 2,000 litres of water per hour.
We plan our trips out so that we can get as many things done in one journey as possible.
We have planted an orchard with 30 fruit trees, not so sure about the yield this year because of the awful weather, we have soft fruit and a potager.
We also keep chickens.

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(Mark Robbins) #6

Sounds just like Surbiton

(Simon Armstrong) #7

Loved her - I sometimes think she may be on SF!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mark Robbins) #8

If she isn’t, she should be…:grin:

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(Robert Hodge) #9

Hi Jane, Yes, you are absolutely right and I wish that more people would see the light and consider the carbon footprint of what is offered for sale before making their purchasing decision.
Another thing that we try our best to do is to avoid products with unnecessary packaging. For example: Does the stout plastic bottle of vitamin pills really need to be in it’s own cardboard carton?

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(Jeanette Leuers) #10

Robert, there are different totals…how much to pay to offset x tonnes of co2…on different sites at different dates, for a selection of different projects… One way is to pay 77 Euros for 6 tons…which is the price for planting one tree.? My tablet makes it quite difficult to flip around relevant w/sites…so I’m not sure. My own plan is to plant as many trees as I can afford…on my own bit of land…its almost in the river so almost all grown fast…a non-weeping willow is ginormous, two giant horse chestnuts, 15 fruit trees, plus others…my plan is to put useful trees…maybe fruit trees in any available spaces… I prefer to do that to offset my two long haul trips per year. I hope that works out OK… The birds love it…I love living in a forest…my bit of land used to be covered in weeds…now under the trees, there’s not enough light for weeds…It would be interesting to know how to manage very small areas of land…to be most effective.
Perhaps I’m doing the wrong thing entirely! I’ve got a bit of cliff…that trees like to grow on, too…currently needs more trees because when too tall…they fall over in big winds. Tried growing veg but never successful… Fruit trees are better, for me, and all the wildlife, blossom in spring, plus…they usually eat the fruit before I do… My bees, in the wall, seem to have left…but they do that from time to time…

(Simon Armstrong) #11

Well… I’m going to stop going home for lunch - that’s 2 journeys a day saved! I’ll take my own packed lunch - imagine if everyone did. Yeah just try and imagine that ! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

(Véronique Langlands) #12

I have lunch at work, that saves a 55km round trip, I use thin cloth drawstring bags for shopping en vrac and refuse to buy packaged stuff except for teabags which I buy in bags of 1040.
And I plant trees. Quite a lot of trees :grin: not conifers either.

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(Robert Hodge) #13

The important thing is that the subject is both thought about and talked about.
Everyone can do something to assist, and it is all the little things that will, when taken together, add up to the solution. Whether it is cutting out a journey or two, planting some trees, turning down the thermostat on the hot water heater, or not eating air freighted food, we can all do something to help, and in the process we may actually find it to be beneficial to the contents of our wallet in the long run.

(stella wood) #14

Glad to hear it… we seem to be losing an awful lot of broadleaved trees… and then they replace with Pine… Ugh… that doesn’t help the planet to breath… :zipper_mouth_face: