Willing to relocate to France

Hello, I’m a new member and I would like to ask for advice about how to start my legal papers in order to move for good to france. I live Lebanon I have a son 5y old and I want him to study in FRANCE also my husband and I have a background hospitality experience. Can you please tell me which is the best plan to get to france by next year. Thank you

Hi Krystelle,

I’ve been trying to find some sites… and might have pressed wrong buttons, so will try again.
What Nationality are you and your family???


Meantime… welcome to the forum.

Hello thank you for your message I’m a lebanese holding lebanese passport. I have already checked the embassy official website and I need to apply for visa long sejour. But the problem is I have to have either a family there or work (which I’m looking for) or student. :confused: My purpose is to subscribe my son in a French school and we can look for a job same time.

Ah, that’s not so easy…

I really appreciate your effort thank you so much for your help🙏

Frankly, on the face of it… this does look rather a difficult thing to achieve for the whole family.
Why are you set on coming to France???

Well my son he is French educated so am I. And for us as a family I think it’s a good choice for my son’s future. I thought it would be a good idea to relocate there.

I am not an expert but have you looked into perhaps resuming your own studies?

Actually it’s not a bad idea but I want also my son to continue his school there too. That’s why I’m a bit confused which visa I should apply for

Is it easier for your husband to get a visa… which might enable you and your son to join him a little later ???

If he got a job of course this would be perfect.hopefully