Winding up an SCI

We bought the house using an SCI for testementary reasons (ie leaving the house to each other and our young children can wait their turn)

Of course we can do that anyway now and I don't think there is a tax disadvantage to winding up the SCI.

I tried contacting the notaire who formed it but he's asleep or something. Before I go elsewhere has anyone got words of wisdom

Pacsed, 2 children well under 18, no divorces or sprogs elsewhere to worry about.

Steve - having been through the process myself - there are some significant taxes and costs involved in the dissolution of an SCI. You definitely need to instruct a notaire to complete all the formalities. There is lots of 'official source' info online to give you an idea, but you really do need that professional advice. Long process with lots of paperwork - no surprise there! After all you are winding-up / dissolving a business.