Window awning? – help please

We have converted the attic of to a bedroom.

All well and good but the room's insulation does not help in the hot weather and the floor to ceiling two meter wide glass window panels – even though double glazed - act as radiators when it gets the morning sun between 8 am and midday.

Not being a great bricologer I am guessing a retractable awning might be the answer ( to shade the glass from the sun ), but as the photo might suggest exterior installation access would be difficult - and by an amateur, suicidal.

Any creative ideas from the SFN DIY community would be much appreciated.

Thanks from John, currently wondering where this sun thing might actually be..;

You've already come up with the two easiest - film on the window or an exterior blind. we have exterior blinds at the IUT and CCI where I teach/used to teach. They're not quite as effective as a "store" type self supporting awning but far cheaper and within the limits of easy DIY. Also as you're talking about early morning sun, any projection is going to have to go out a long way for shade so you're stuck with the blinds/film option, which isn't really a handicap though ;-)

If the window is accumulating and dispersing heat then I would drop that idea.

Merci Brian .

Just thought of light reflecting lamination film on the glass - or am I going in a strange/wrong direction here?

Outside roller blind, fixed on to the woodwork below what looks like guttering. Might need it made because it will need to have a draw cord in the middle. Go for wood, painted white to reflect and let noboby convince you a metal one would be any good - it'll get hot as hell itself then heat thhe window... An awning, no idea how you could get one to open and close.