Windows 10

I recently changed from Office 1997 to Office 2007 (I bought this version when I bought this PC but never liked it so didn't use it) and the transition has been OK but a real pain to locate the options that I am used to and whilst there are many additions I like, many for me are a complete waste of space.

In that context and since more or less 6 months have gone by since W10 was launched and it is about time I bit the bullet so to speak

There is nothing wrong with W7, my current version, in my experience and I suspect that most of features offered by W10 will add nothing to my use of my PC. But W10 is the future world so I may as well join it.

So, for those that have made the change to W10 I would appreciate some feedback, problems, joys, pains, etc.


Peter S

Thanks Peter. I usually manage to get it back, but this can take up to 2 days trying different methods. in Windows 8 I could go back to a restore date, but with 10 it restores to the same day!

Also have heard of many others who have had the same or similar problems. Those who still have the disc often go back to their original system, but as windows 8 was preinstalled on mine I do not have this option

Yes, Christine, what you describe is my worst nightmare and I have also received warnings that this might happen to me - hence my caution and query.

I usually get all this stuff done for me with a local IT services shop. I believe there are ways around your problems but I do not know enough to even begin to advise you. There is an IT forum on SFN so maybe someone there might be able to help you.


I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1. It has been a nightmare!!! Constantly losing access to Outlook, sometimes for days. difficulty with Windows upgrades, incompatibility with my virus protection, requiring periodic fixes-- the list goes on. If I could I would go back to Windows 8 which gave me no problems whatsoever.

Thank you both, pretty much what I have been told elsewhere so I will wait until I need a new PC.

I have just bought Caroline a Mini I-Pad 4 and that has taken a huge load off the PC in terms of time and access so that will delay the change to a newer PC until my urge for change overwhelms my resistance to buying new "boys toys"!

Thanks your replies are very helpful


I've installed W10 on my laptop and nothing exploded and it's still working. It's visually more like W8 so if you came from W8 I suspect you wouldn't find many changes. From W7 it's a change but easy to get used to. I've found little benefit in upgrading - I'd read that it would a fix for W8 which was full of problems - so really I'd say if you have W7 and it works why change to 10?

I’ve had W10 on my laptop for about 3 months now and haven’t had any problems so far. No joys either,and for me I could quite happily have continued with Win7. Not sure what all the fuss was about, and I still have an older laptop running Vista with no problems too. Personally I think I should have left things as they were, and got used to a new OS when I needed a new laptop.