Windows 11? Microsoft Reveals What’s Next for Windows on June 24

Let’s hope it’s not a repeat of the release of Windows 8; Windows 7 was working perfectly and they decided to really screw it up royally. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke…

Better finish our machine conversions to Linux then :smiley:


The plan was not to do identifiable “releases” any longer but to move to a rolling programme including bugfixes and enhancements - unless you are prepared to sift through every update and decide whether you want it, then get one of the tools that blocks those that you don’t you’re pretty stuck with accepting, or rejecting, everything en masse.

Still running 7 on my gaming PC, but do have a spare 1TB SSD and a W10 key ready for when I get a day’s peace.

Why do you want to go to W10 Guy, if 7 is running ok?

W10 is starting to be a minimum requirement for some new computer games and I expect that drivers for graphics cards will be following suit in the near future.

Thanks Guy. That makes sense - I was just wondering!

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I hope you didn’t pay for that W10 key.

New iMac arrived yesterday. Now with it and our M1 laptops we are a Wintel free zone, no more CISC for us :blush: Though Onedrive works well, better than iCloud IMO. So credit where credit is due. Just their OSs have been rubbish since DOS. It’s amusing that their less rubbish ones, eg Win7, have still such a strong following.

On a happier note, my favorite OS of all time, VM/370, seems to run well on Apple silicon using Hercules. Hours of fun for a retired old Systems Programmer :slightly_smiling_face:

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(said quietly - I quite like Windows 10!)


I run it in a virtual machine under MacOS Mat, so I have looked, prodded and poked at it. I don’t like the control it (ie MS) tries to take, Took me while to figure out how to stop MS, not me, from deciding whether to update or not(and burning up my data allowance). MacOS (ie UNIX) or Linux is far more amenable to tweaking or leaving alone if one prefers. There isn’t that same “we know what’s best for you” from MS (and goodness knows that have never known what’s best for us😂).

I did. All of €4.

Ah, well you won’t be too upset when I mention that you didn’t need to pay for one - your W7 key will activate W10.

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I was under the impression that only worked if you upgraded your W7 installation to a W10 one.

Which I don’t want to do as I never nuke a working OS until I happy with its’ replacement.

Ahem some of those £4 ones had better be used quickly.
Otherwise when you come to use them, you will find that given where they’ve come from, some bright spark thought it hadn’t been used… and used it.

I know. I bought one.

No, it works for fresh installs as well. In fact I bought a 2nd hand motherboard and was quite surprised that W10 installed on it without asking for a key - turned out it had found the W7 one embedded in the BIOS and happily used that (which was mildly annoying as I then had to “upgrade” the resultant W10 home install to a W10 Pro one).

I’ve heard of that but not been bitten personally.

Any legit Windows key for W ≥ 7 (and possibly XP, but don’t quote me on that) will activate a W10 installation. If you don’t have the key there are tools you can download to extract the current ones from your installation before the upgrade.

One other thing to be aware of in the “dodgy key will work for a bit” line is keys for Microsoft Office that turn out to be hacked volume licencing copies - these need a licence server and usually come with installers that use hacked servers dotted around the 'net. These tend to come and go (possibly M$ plays a whack-a-mole game to get them taken down where it can) and the product only “checks in” infrequently so you might find your cheap copy works for a few months and then stops doing so with the vendor long gone.

The bottom line though is that M$ has never been too bothered about piracy; they’d rather you run a hooky M$ product than that of a rival.

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Yes, just following Apple’s free OS lead. MS, quite sensibly and like so may others, has moved to the subscription model. It’s nice to wake up on January first and know the majority of your revenue for the new year is guaranteed.