Windows 7 SP1

Anyone got any ideas about how to sort out the problem with installing Windows 7 SP1? I’ve looked on the web and clearly a considerable number of people are having a problem with it but all the suggested cures are far too arcane for me, involving delving into the registry and I know not what else deep in the OS entrails. The upgrade loads correctly so far as one can tell and then installs but when I reboot, the configuration operation freezes at about 1 per cent, says there’s a problem and reverts to the recovery point established at the start of the install. I’ve heard Microsoft have now made available an ISO file you can download and burn on a DVD, which might solve the problem. But I haven’t managed to track it down so far.

Here is the download location :slight_smile:…

I think I must have put SP1 on 30+ machines now without a hitch but I did download the ISO’s from the address above to speed up the process.

Given that SP1, as I understand it, is little more than a compilation of all the patches we’ve already installed with very little in the way of new stuff, you could be right. I suppose it gives them a new base from which to work and they find this simpler. But for who?

I have to comment that I think Microsoft have made this problem for themselves with these massive monolithic service pack upgrades. The Linux/OSX model of continuous patching seems to me a better one from the ground up. If a single patch fails, it is only a sub-section of the OS that will be affected.



Thanks again. The site looks really worth the money.

First of all Terry I must emphasize that I am not an IT expert. I would say that my computer expertise is a cut above middle-of-the-road but I have sussed out some pretty good websites for reliable advice.
I have got good info from Windows Secrets for many years now
especially from Susan Bradleys column on patches and updates. A lot of their newsletter is free but the info on patches (e.g. Windows 7 SP1) is only available in the paid content section but I’ve found it well worth while especially as you choose how much to pay.
It would be impractical and unethical for me to copy and paste all of Susan Bradleys column from last weeks newsletter but the headline advice is still to wait. Quote
"Reports from the small-business community describe severe installation problems with Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
With no compelling reason to install SP1, this update remains on hold."

So, yes if you are having problems, I personally would wait a while yet. I’ll see what the next newsletter says about SP1 and hopefully remember to let you know (Thursday).


Thanks for the link. This isn’t the precise problem I have but it’s something very similar. Both are clearly linked to having installed SP1 at the same time as other updates – blame Windows Update for that. You’d think they would have the sense to issue it well away from any other updates if there’s likely to be a clash. But maybe that’s too logical for MS. I read one thread where someone was told to uninstall a previous update to solve the problem. He found that it was impossible to get rid of! I shall do as you suggest and ignore it until it goes away.

Hi Terry,

I don’t know if you’ve already checked this out:-
If still no joy I would restore to before SP1 install and simply wait a while. Pretty well all the Pros recommend holding off until MS get it sorted - apparently there’s no need to rush into the SP1 update.