Windshield crack - check your Insurance

We heard a large bang on the front windscreen
At the time we couldn’t see any damage but now a 6 inch crack has developed on the bottom right hand side. It is not in the normal of vision
Obviously it will cost a fair bit to replace, 300 euros ?,but does anyone know if it is worth trying one of these repair kits that seem to be readily available?

Does you car insurance not cover pare brise (windscreen cover)?
IIRC claiming on your policy for this will not affect any discount and there is usually a number for you you to contact for repair (Carglass?)

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Most insurance covers here have windscreen replacement free included. Check with your insurer if your policy has this, mine always has done without me asking for it specially. You don’t pay anything, the repair people invoice your insurance company direct. It does not affect your bonus/malus situation either.


Is windscreen cover part of your insurance policy?
Those kits are more for stone chips than 6" cracks, it would be very difficult to stop that 6"crack from becoming a 12" crack. Best replaced.

Not long after I bought my Peugeot I noticed a crack in the same place, Carglass even came to the house from 50 kms away to repair it. No charge.

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I doubt it would work on a crack - I think these are more for chips.

OH has used the kits… as and when applicable… on many vehicles over the years…
but his advice for the 6 inch crack is to get the screen changed…
He says the crack would not be suitable for home-repair in his opinion…

I have just checked the Insurance cover on both our moderns and there is cover without franchise… hurrah…
Checkout your own Insurance policy… but even if you have to pay, it might be best to do so…
the thought of driving happily along and having the screen-crack suddenly “run amok” just doesn’t bear thinking about…

Call your insurer and they’ll get a replacement organised. Should be free of charge if you have full coverage.

If you have bris de glaces cover (ask your insurance) replacing the windscreen could cost you about 80€ depending on the car, your insurer etc. Or nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a very old car so I have a minimal insurance which does not include windshield replacement
So I shall have to grit my teeth and pay up. I’ve been driving for over 50 years and this has never happened to me before so I can’t grumble! But thanks for the information. I have contacted Carglass It seems they don’t charge extra for a home fit which is great news so I am waiting for a price.

ah… you’ve obviously got the money tucked away, which you might have spent on full insurance… :rofl: :crossed_fingers:

I managed to crack our old merc windscreen top to bottom in the summer - threw a bucket of cold water over the screen which was in the sun. Like you, we had minimal insurance and sadly not windscreen replacement either. A merc screen is VERY expensive. It would have been good if our broker had suggested windscreen insurance for not much more money. But he didn’t and we naively assumed it was included.

Might now be the time for folk to double check just what is covered by their motor insurance… ???

or, more to the point, what is NOT covered…

Some of the British insurers issue a sheet under some guidance or other stating what is and what is not covered in plain easy to understand script. Is that the same for French insurance?

My French insurance with Abeille includes a simple matrix chat which shows exactly what is covered by each grade of cover.

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On the renewal document…
a very clear chart … boxes are ticked according to “level of cover” one has chosen.
Bris des glaces… is one ticked on mine … hurrah.

The insurance document itself gives full details of what is covered and any franchises which might apply…

every now and again we get a thingy from Insurers… a useful card with details of “what to do…” and we try to keep them in a safe place… :roll_eyes: but some gremlin always manages to hide them… :rofl: :rofl:

My insurance company said they would replace my cracked mercedes windscreen with a proper mercedes one but then the pare-brise person they sent me to didn’t put a mercedes one in. I am in the throes of complaining about it.

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Our insurer (Pacifica) confirmed our no claims bonus (“coefficient de réduction majoration” or CRM) would not be affected by a claim for 600€ for a cracked windscreen. So far, so good.

However they (and possibly other major insurers) also have an additional 17% discount to the CRM, known as an Avantage Bon Conducteur (ABC) scheme, increasing the discount by 2%. pa if no claims are made. Unfortunately ABC schemes do not distinguish between non responsible claims (such as no fault cracked windscreens) and other claims, so our ABC discount will reduce by 5% at the next renewal (touching wood there are no further claims!).