Wine and Food Explorers?

Hi. I am new to SF and just wanted to say hello to everyone.
I am passionate about wine and want to show and guide and encourage more people about the wines of Bordeaux and the south of France. I have been in the wine trade for over 20 years, but I now want to develop more wine tourism projects.
I am a firm believer that every wine has a ‘sense of place’. That is to say each vineyard and winery is usually attractive and has an identity. If anyone has any suggestions for intersting vineyard visits and experiences please add your comments.

Oh and heres a link to some source material medoc Enjoy!!! and the article in Sud-Ouest

In theory yes but if you manage to build up a raport then…

From your perspective then the system could be used to view the vinyard and decide yourself the suitability of that vinyard for your tour. In Sundays copy of Sud-Ouest there was an article on the Route D2 refering to oenotouriste, there are it seems 18 Chateau open to the public and I’m sure that if you think Medoc, Chateau Latour, Margaux, St Estephe, as they say a veritable route 66 du vin!!!

That looks like a good initiative. I like the fact that it is only 24 hours free at the vineyard.

Like you I enjoy the odd glass but in my case of Bergerac. I’ve stayed on odd vinyards courtesy of France Passion in my Camping-Car. These overnight stops allow you to sample the vignerons product and to meet the growers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.
Oh Yes Welcome to ‘Survive France’ .