Wine or Whisky... what's the difference? (rhetorical?)

Now then, seriously, do you put Wine in the same category as “strong liquor”…???

In terms of the negative effect on heath it really does not matter how you take your tipple.

In terms of what I actually want to drink - time, surroundings, company and whether there is food involved all play a part in deciding what is appropriate.

quite so… Paul… We’ve just cracked open a bottle of Bailey’s to dose our coffee… delicious…even more so at it was a present… the best things in life are (definitely) free :hugs:

I’m a wine drinker, don’t drink spirits at all…Baileys doesn’t count does it?
Everything in moderation is my mantra. Depends on your definition of moderation of course.

Ha ha Chris… it definitely talks about whisky in the listed contents… whatever, it tastes just great…

There’s not a drop of whisky in Bailey’s.

But there is whiskey in it. :grin::tumbler_glass:


Sorry… wrong spelling… just shows how easily I am tipped over the edge… :grinning: the label mentions Irish Whiskey… I just didn’t see until now… hic :wink:

Depends where the whisk(e)y is from I believe. In Scotland it’s whisky, in Ireland/USA it’s whiskey.

BUT… perhaps I was writing in French… I’m easily confused… and today’s sauce at lunchtime was “Crème de Crustacés au Whisky”…

(it was delicious by the way… first time I’ve tried it).

Just to say… I’ve been down in the cellar…fetching a jar of cassoulet for today…and I took the time to look at my old Dad’s small whisky collection …

Abelour, Cardhu, Lagavulin, Glen Fiddich … each label clearly bears the word: “whisky” without the “e”

and if that spelling was good enough for my Dad… it’s certainly good enough for me. :hugs::hugs:

All of those are Scotch so whisky is the correct spelling. Bailey’s comes from Ireland where they spell whiskey with an e. I’m sure your old dad would have been well aware of the distinction. Like Tartiflette the devil is in the detail.

:grinning: my spelling has gone to pot anyway, since moving here… switching from language to language has done my head in… it would seem…:zipper_mouth_face:

We’ve had unexpected visitors drop by… so the Baileys bottle is nearly empty… and the snow is melting… all is well with the world…:heart_eyes:

adding whisky to tartilflette - that’s a good idea

Not for me, I hate the stuff.

Ha ha… my recipes are always a bit “special”… but that would be something extra…:heart_eyes: