Wines, Bordeaux

Lidl are doing a couple of ‘gold medal’ Bordeaux wines at a good price just now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you tried drinking the contents ? If its good what are the Chateaux years etc. So I can look out for them here in deepest darkest Burgundy.
I often find British / German & Scandinavian beer for sale in NOZ most of the time it’s really good & sometimes… well should have been consumed & few months ago.
My cellar is looking a bit empty & sorry for its self so could do with a few crates of Bordeaux.

The reason I posted Warren, ‘Was’ because It,s good, we bought a bit yesterday, tried it, went back today, to buy another 6 cases. We wouldn’t recommend rubbish, normally not great fans of Lidl.
The bonus there today was a huge box of fruit and veg for 1€, cheap barbie tonight, huge fruit pie and a hand out to the neighbours too, getting to like Lidl more :slightly_smiling_face:

Come on then Bill spill the beans, give us the names of the bottles. I’ll take you word its good, but saying that a French phase comes to mind… les coloris & les gouts

You will need to go an’ ‘ave a look yersel’ Warren, I get no commision from Mr Lidl :wink:

Warren, if you go into Lidl and look for “Gold Medal Bordeaux” … you will see for yourself.

Lidl is often a source of good quality stuff at a reasonable price

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Spoil sport, come on grass up! If not, I’ll have to get equip myself with corkscrew & glass, buy a bottle of every wine with gold medal & sit in car park testing, then go back (if still sober to purchase the best one. Mrs Warren to drive me & my testing in the car park will not impress her one bit. :slight_smile: She thinks the Brits are a little eccentric at best if not completely crackers.

Well we did take it home, my ‘Oenologue’ is French, I rely on Her assessment :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

Super U are doing some great ‘gold medal’ Graves at the moment - Chateau Landiras 2015 and many others and are great value for money. They also have a fantastic selection of white wines from the Languedoc including a silver medal winning corbieres 2015 from Chateau Ribaute which l can only describe as summer in a bottle - At just over 5 euros it seemed only right to get a couple of cases.

I must say that the Lidl prices are now not so much cheaper than those that can be found in the Hypermarkets in and around Bordeaux - and normally the choice is far greater - Carrefour in the Arcines shopping Center in Begles and Super U in Podensac are recommended. Santé - Avec moderation bien sûr.

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Been nuttin’ in out super markets lately Dan, the cave was startin’ to look, a bit ‘bleak’!
Our Lidl ‘gold rubbish’ was a good bit less than 5€, and topped it up a bit :slightly_smiling_face: But, Graves is often good :+1:

Here in deepest darkest Burgundy we are drinking a superb Cremant de Bourgogne for 6 euros delivered.
Similarly an excellent everyday Beaujolais for just over 3 euros , again delivered.

Father in Law is a fan Jane, sadly when we eat there, I have to take my own wine, I’m probably, just a philistine :wink:

Lidl has it in the uk this week too - tried a glass last night and was pretty reasonable.