Winter Fuel Payment - Help Please

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Phew, two months ago and I simply used keywords. I think I searched using European Commission, winter fuel payment, regulations and got there quite easily. I did not keep the http though, no real need.


Thank you that is very helpful. Can you point me at the EU web site with the "rules"

As it happens I became tax resident in France in May 1999 though I worked on a VSO project in Macedonia for the 2 years preceding that but I remained UK tax resident. I am sure their ruling is incorrect and I will rattle their cage.

In truth I should care less about £200 but that is NOT the point of course.


Peter S

Well, that is a sticky one. I looked at this when the question was 'raging' before and because I naively 'signed off' when we left the UK. In fact, in the autumn I checked carefully and the EU rules apply well after 1998 and are only valid from when the Commission ruling occurred a few years ago. In short, there is nothing you can do. As ever there are loopholes and if you have not been in the system here so that you get French payments, it looks like you are excluded with no way of getting it. Sorry not to be offering better news, but then I thought having unwittingly opted out myself, that there would be no way back in. Fortunately, I applied and now I am and did.

One more time!

I applied for the Winter Fuel Allowance and have been rejected because "I left the UK before 5th January 1998"

I will rattle their cage but this cannot be correct as surely the EU Commission rules that all UK citizens resident in the EEA are entitled to Winter Fuel payments.

I would appreciate any comments


Peter Scawen