Winter Heating Allowance

I know this was debated a while ago but I can't find any trace of the thread. So apologies for starting a new one but I just wanted to let people know that our £200 winter heating allowance has just dropped into our bank account in UK - NO deductions for living in the tropics!!!

Found it thanks:

No problem Chris. For future reference, if you want to search the site, go to the main page. ON the left hand side you'll see a little box where you can make a contribution to SFN. Below that a box with photos of some members, and under that a box entitled "Use Google to search SFN". Enter your search terms there and voila!

I,ve just checked our French bank a/c. as it,s our first time of asking. WFA paid in direct (248.25 euro) My OAP is also paid direct in euros. It,s not a bad exchange rate.

Just off to turn an electric radiator on!!

You're right Sheila, that was the thread but couldn't find any way of searching for it, short of going through all my deleted emails going back months. There didn't seem to be a way of searching for something on the site -or maybe it's me being stupid. Anyway, hooray for the good old British Government - off to put a penny in the meter!

Is it this thread, Chris?

Congratulations by the way on getting your allowance!