Winter weather in Vendée / Fontenay le Comte

Hi - new to buying in France.

Ideally would love to buy somewhere for under Euro 75k that we could rent out during the summer and use for breaks during Autumn/winter (for few years until we can afford not to have to rent it out). Trying to narrow down the regions and I like the idea that Vendée is easily accessible by plane (from Ireland) but if using the house during the Winter, I’d like it to be warmer/drier that cold/grey/rainy Dublin :slight_smile:

Would be very grateful for any information on what Vendée is generally like during winter around the Fontenay le Comte area. Also, do you think property prices are going to decrease due to Brexit (i.e. better to hold off buying til next year until we see what happens with Brexit?).
Any other recommendations welcome.
Many thanks.

Hi Emile and welcome to the forum.

No idea about Vendée weather… but I can give you some thoughts about Brexit and prices here in France.

In the South West at least - prices vary enormously. The market is flooded with property and Buyers can take their pick and haggle.

I cannot see Brexit having any effect whatsoever - except for those Brits in UK who may see their £££££ exchange fall, thus buying less abroad.

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Hi Stella - many thanks for the feedback. That’s good to know that there’s potential room to bargain - wasn’t sure how fixed the prices were so thanks a mill. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Hi Emile,
I live in Vendee about 40 minutes by car north of Fontenay le Comte.
25 years ago snow was such a rarity here in Vendee that it brought people out of their homes with their ancient cameras. Basically the prevailing wind has traditionally been a wet and mild south westerly bringing lots of rain in off the Atlantic, but now that the climate has changed, we have lengthy periods of a cold but dry wind from the north easterly quarter during the winter months.
Having said all that, the area of Fontenay le Comte, together with the Marais region to the south of the town, benefits from its own microclimate and is therefore invariably 2 or 3 degrees warmer than the rest of Vendee whatever the season.
As a general guide I can tell you that however poor the weather may be here, we can always console ourselves with the knowledge that it is worse in the UK. Therefore I think you will find Vendee to be a good improvement upon Dublin weather.

In the event that you find yourself considering property to the south of Fontenay it would be good to consider the proximity of the nearest canal / river as they can become heavily infested with insects of various types during the summer months. The area is also extremely low lying (below sea level in some places) so that is something to consider in view of future sea level rises associated with climate change.

Many thanks for that great info Robert. Definitely something I hadn’t considered - ie. proximity to canal/rivers etc. Good to know that the weather isn’t too severe as well and interesting to hear of real evidence of climate change. Much appreciated.