Wire Mesh screen?

Any ideas on where I can find wire mesh? I’m looking for something metal with maybe 1/4" (6mm) holes. I want to build some rodent proof screen inserts for various ventilation openings on my place. In the states we call it Rabbit wire but my Google-Fu is not turning up any equivalency here. I did discover that window screens are practically unheard of here.
I checked Brico Depot and Bricomarche already but didn’t find anything, however I am still finding items in those stores that I couldn’t find the first several trips.

Is there something similar to a Tractor Supply or an IFA (Intermountain Farmers Assoc) here in France?

There are lots of different agricultural merchants here depending on your area. To start with, have a look for Point Vert, Gamme Vert and MaMaison (a variant of Point Vert) or even Agrial (the umbrella company for Point Vert)

Window screens of the fabric mesh variety are widely used in France and are even available in Lidl (at the right season) but for metal things an agricultural merchant is your best bet. We are just off to one this afternoon :smiley:

Try this link Plaque perforée galvanisée - 400 x 100 x 2,0 mm . At least it will give you the French for the item you are looking for

Or do you want Grillage à Lapin Maille ? You can find it in Gamme Vert


If you are struggling one way is to use google images - so that’s what I did - I put in “rabbit fence” and there among the pictures was the one I posted above.

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That’s actually a very clever idea. I will have to keep it in mind.
I did find there are 3 Gamm Vert stores pretty close to me so that’s were I will be going to look for the mesh initially.
There is also a Magasin Vert only 30 minutes away up the A77.
Thanks everyone!

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I’ve just searched my local Bricodepot’s website - this might be worth a look. It’s 13mm but would work doubled-up:- Rouleau grillage triple torsion galvanisé

I bought something there, rigid, with a much finer mesh to make a false grille for a classic car.

Available on Amazon.fr