Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scales


(James Higginson) #1

I like to keep a handle on my weight and general fitness levels and I can wholeheartedly say that the Whitings Body Analyser scales are one of the best bits of technology to help me with that. Mainly I use it to track my weight, but it also records your body fat percentage and heart rate when you step on it. That would be pretty useful in its own right but the main benefit I have found is that it sends that data to your own private Whitings account and you can login and see how you’ve been getting on!

This is some of what it shows you in graph form.

In addition to that it constantly monitors CO2 levels and you can connect it to your smartphone too if you like.

All in all, I’m very impressed!

(David Silcox) #2

I was a fitness (mostly cycling) instructor in Canada. The discipline of an even simple routine will make you feel younger and more vital.

(Shirley Morgan) #3

And if you want to know what meds the doc is giving you, try drugs.com, several language choices, and you can compare against meds you are already taking, to check out contra-indications, also to understand your blood test results, try labtestsonline.org (org,I think) is another great one. not to mention Health Unlocked, a U.K. NHS connected website, with patient participation forums. there are a variety of Communities Serving many conditions,for member participation because no actual medical advice is given, other than what the members put themselves on the specific condition they have.

HU is an invaluable resource to me here, for community support, info and advice. none of us is getting younger and don’t all speak fluent French. there are several Americans and one US Association NRAS, who participate, as well as some UK expats who live in France, Portugal or Spain, the last two also being available in those language!

I hope it’s OK I mentioned them all James, just that I’ve found several of them useful in my situation.

(Véronique Langlands) #4

Works by conductivity, doesn't it? It sends a current through tissue & by calculating the resistance vs the mass you get a % of fat.

Alternatively it could be witchcraft.

(Susanne Lancaster) #5

Cool thanks for this I will pass on the info to my patients

Cheers susanne

(Steve YATES 2) #6

I've always wondered how a scale like that actually measures the % fat

(Kit Wells) #7

I've got a wife that does that - effectively! Can't find the off button though...

(Jonathan Barclay) #8

I sincerely hope that no one gives me one of these. It sounds appalling. Too much information is bad for you.

(Roger Bruton) #9

There's nothing like a good gadget! :-)

(John Withall) #10

Yes Al, it won't actually make you live longer but it will seem like you are Haha

(Al Rogers) #11

I could be wrong, but I suspect the key to health is a balanced, good diet, as much "proper" exercise (ie not some satanic fitness machine) and moderation in smoking and drinking. If you do this to the best of you ability, there's nothing worth monitoring - you're either in good shape or you're not. The most important factor is genetics and, sadly, no machine can help with this. Now where did I leave my fags and port?

(Véronique Langlands) #12

One of my feet generally tells me when I've been sitting for too long & need to get up & move, by getting pins & needles...

(Roger Waldram) #13

I've got an Apple Watch that vibrates to tell me to get up & move when I've sat too long. Mind you with all the trips to the dechetterie with broken tiles & sawing up old beams in the barn it's bee pretty quiet recently!

(James Higginson) #14

This thing is fantastic, it has helped me lose loads of weight, due to the fact that I like stats/results!