Woah when did that happen?

A couple of things have happened recently and I suddenly thought crikey how old am I? Here are those things:

* My friend from uni came over (single, good income, no kids) and said about which festival she was going to that evening, I hadn't heard of half of the acts...why? Because I've been listening to The Wheels on the Bus for the past 3 years....going round and round.

* I told someone about something that happened 15 years ago, but later whilst replaying it in my mind I realised I'd lopped off 5 years and it was actually 20 years ago. Flipping heck - when did I start knocking off 5 years without realising?

* I saw a wrinkle on a photo :(

Yes I know to some of you I am still a spring chicken but until this year I never thought about how old or young I was really and then suddenly it's like BAM...people around you are dropping like flies, hubby is going grey (I knew I shouldn't have pulled out the early ones as they've now reproduced and turned into a 100 from each one) , you recognise how hard your parents actually worked and you find you actually hear yourself saying the things they said oh and you start to say things like - well I used to do blah blah when I was young....for goodness sake I am still young!

What triggered this? Well last week some friends came over from France and we went to Camden Market - I really enjoyed myself and it brought back memories of being young and at university.

So there you have it...it brought back memories. Young people don't worry about memories they just live for the moment. I am officially getting old. Damn it.

celeste, thank you, loved reading your response, I have a very happy contented smile now, thank you xxx

I am 64 going on 12. Half of me is broken or not working properly, the other half is having a ball. I am now seeing the grey turn white, so long over that. I was 52 when my older daughter was born, 54 when the younger. Nowadays they are my best friends. You'll get there - just do not give up. Forget your age, oh by the way, the forgetting it gets easier as your memory clouds... ;-)