Wood burner fans

We have recently heard of wood burner fans ,that sit on top off the wood burner and distribute the heat .

Could anybody recommend one.



Valiant fans are brilliant. I have the Premium 4,It is great,the company aftersales can be faulted.

Highly recommended!!!

Not about fans but related to woodies. I was looking at my kitchen woody at the beginning of this heating season & wondering if I could improve it’s performance. It’s a small Supra HF3940 that was never designed to Flamme Vert standards & had a defector plate made of thin sheet steel. Because of this the plate never got hot enough to burn the gasses & a lot of energy was lost up the chimney. My solution was to wire onto this plate an armature of mesh onto which I cast a refractory concrete slab. I have measured the temperature of this slab at up to 500 deg C & now the gasses burn with only top entry air via the slot between the door & door glass. The woody runs at a very much higher temperature than before & I reckon it’s consuming a good 30% less wood than before.

Have a look at my review of Stove Top fans here



I am waiting with baited breath...:-D

I will be writing up a review on them later today :)

Hi James, so what is your verdict about the fan you received? Is it worth the money? :-)

I am thinking of getting one myself, but would like your opinion...

Thank you for your time.


Infogames was the supplier, amazon link is http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B004S7VEK6/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Just received one, this was an ebay purchase, Valiant are also sending me one for review. More when that arrives.

I was very surprised at the size, just 22cm tall.

Which mob? I'm a lazy sob so if they are good enough for you etc etc

No, that was just a page that turned up when I googled "pc fan airflow figures" . Mine were ordered through FrAmazon and came from a mob in Monaco.

Therefore 3 x 86 cfm for Kents example = 258cfm less the resistance to flow say 0.6 or 60% = 154 cfm. or about 260 m3/hr. Conclusion. It's got a good chance of working if the rooms are not too large.

Steve, did you really order from Oz?

You can get some typical figures from here :>http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=9 Seem to range from 14 CFM for a 40mm fan to 86CFM for a 120mm version.

PC fans aren't that expensive, just bought 4 60mm fans for local baker's display cabinet for 5€ each

Yep, sorry Vic - should have specified. That's the fire top one.

Thanks Valerie. I assume that duty 100 cubic feet per minute, (which is a lot ) is for your wood burner top fan. I was interested in the fans Kent had bought as I had a similar project in mind.

The packaging mine came in says "Maximum airflow (100CFM)" is that's any use.

Matter of interest Kent. Do you know what the air flow rate is for the fans ie. litres/sec or similar? I've been looking for something to do a similar job in my kitchen but every fan I find is too noisy.

Thanks for that, Steve. Have a great Christmas.

The fan I used this morning had 3 wires, I just ignored the yellow one which is a control wire.

... I have a cunning plan... As our cheapo woodburner (€139 @ SuperU) gets too hot even on tick-over, I left out the noggins in one section of the new partition wall that separates the living room from the kitchen; it has a vent in the top on the living room side and a vent in the base on the kitchen side. The idea is to make a plinth in the kitchen with 3 x 12cm computer fans in it to suck the hot air out of the ceiling from one side, down to the floor on the other. I've got the fans, cheap, off eBay and will get on with the rest of the plan soon. One small fly-in-the-ointment is that they come with 3 wires and no indication as to what does what. I guess that black and red are - and + , but, not being a computer technician, I don't know about the yellow... Anyone???

As for the rest of the cunning plan - I'll keep you posted as to its success or failure.

BTW, very interesting to read the comments as these stove top fans have interested me for a while now. I would have probably gone for the Stirling engined version as I love that old technology but I guess these ones are noisy because the tolerances are a bit slack to make for ease of production: there's no real reason why a well-made Stirling engine needs to be noisy.