Wood burner Parts

We have a wood burner that was in stalled over 10 years ago by a local firm (since closed). It now needs a new part to it which only can be bought from the uk. I have only found one company that will post it here.
they say -

Products delivered to destinations outside the UK may be subject to taxes, fees, customs duties or other charges as a result of local legislation. The recipient of the goods will receive a separate request for the payment of these charges when the goods arrive in the destination country. These fees must then be paid in full before delivery can be made.

Does anyone know if it is possible to find out what the fees/charges etc are before I order. as the cost of the parts plus their postage is substantial before any ‘extras’.

Many thanks

“Goods purchased by mail that are sent directly from a third country (not a member of the European Union) to a consignee in France or in the European Union, with a ex-VAT value of less than €150, are exempt from customs duties.”

The Company in the UK shouldn’t charge you VAT and should make sure the value is under €150. To be safe I’d prefer if the shipping AND the value together was under €150.


How much will the French side handling it slap on? In the past I have been charged a fee from the handler.

Many thanks John. We also had a parcel a coupleof months ago, less than £100 for purchase and postage but were still charged 30E for ‘duty’.

Was this correct do you think?

Can’t vouch for correctness but the blighters get away with it or you dont get your parcel

That’s what I thought!

How big and heavy is this part? Any chance of bringing it as part of your free untaxed alloance on a trip from the UK yourself? Paris isn’t far from the UK…

The majority of retailers don’t know how to send it as an export ie take the VAT off. So you might never get UK VAT back and have to pay French VAT as well. Hopefully it won’t be in a category that’s dutiable as well - less likely if it’s you personally bringing it in as personal rather than a pro sending it.

Might be of no help but can offer this advice.
We have a Broseley wood burner. An English unit that provides all our hot water and central heating in the cooler months and is a great focal point in the house with its large glass screen door.
Installed 12 years ago and lovingly serviced and cared for by me.
Up until 2020 Broseley would dispatch my orders for spare parts (fire bricks and occasional grate bottoms) via courier at reasonable postage charges then Brexit fully kicked in.
In fairness to Broseley they are on top of the new way of posting into the EU but of course it is extremely expensive abd fireparts can be heavy.
After being advised a £150 carriage charge last year on top of £100 worth of goods I decided to up the order to include the parts I had previously needed during the last 3 years and had them posted to our daughter in UK.
The box of spare parts arrived in her car last summer.
Our fire is all ready for the coming season with new fire bricks and grate and of course flue swept and still plenty if spare parts for future servicing.
A bit of forward planning can get around the horrendous shipping costs and vat/customs phaff.
And if questioned during transit, it is a gift to my parents from me, their daughter!


Many thanks for all your thoughts. Had considered flying over to get it but then it’s flights, probably would have to stay somewhere and car hire. Might also be a bit odd in hand luggage.
We have no-one in the uk, we are here & children are her & that’s it!

Appreciate your help!