Wood Filler - 2 part epoxy - buy from where?

I am trying to find 2 part epoxy wood filler for repairing some shutters. Does anyone know what it is called - I haven’t yet found it at the Brico.

I started using this one on my shutters yesterday. Economical and easy to use. Brico marché.

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Beat me to it :slight_smile:
Googling, SintoBois seem to have a couple of products so if you start by searching for the brand name that should lead you to the generic terms.

I was going to suggest:

Reboucharge époxy pour/à bois
Mastic époxy pour/à bois

I also came across
Répare bois and
Reconstitute bois (as Anne’s pic above) and
Résine époxy durcisseur bois (epoxy wood hardener)

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If it’s a repair that’s to be painted after, two-pack car body filler does the same thing…also some tinted wood fillers have a coarser texture to them, which can affect the finish

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Thanks everyone superb quick response.

We have 6 pairs to do.

OH started on ours some years ago… still have 3 pairs to go… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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I’m doing 15 pairs all on my own ! Sigh

Have you tried à Belt sander ? They are very quick to get the worst off then an orbital sander to finish

I’m using an orbital sander as that’s what I had already., It’s ok.

You could rent one, it may save you hours.

Go alu IMO. I spent months sanding, filling and painting ours here in 2012. They need a lot of work again now but I haven’t the energy or interest anymore.

I would love to or I have even seen a solid plastic one which is very convincing but unfortunately we are very close to the church in centre of a village so we have to have wood.

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For filling wood, I often use PVA and sawdust from the same sort of wood.

Immediate, cheap, strong and sands well.