Wood pellet boilers

We need to replace our old oil-fired central heating boiler which runs 8 radiators, and are thinking of getting a wood pellet boiler. Can anyone share their experience if they have one, and what amount of space is needed for the hopper, pellet storage etc. It's difficult to visualise 3 tons of pellets!

Thanks for any info.

Hi Katy
If you need advice/help regarding wood pellet boilers please send me a message or give me a call. I install them and also have one myself.
I'm quite a distance from you so wouldn't be able to install yours but I'd be more than happy to chat and hopefully offer a few pointers.

My email is ed@geneva2morzine.com
my number is 0610378361



I had to wake up eventually!

I've emailed them, so hopefully they will send some info soon.

I see you've changed your picture!

No, I've tried. The first picture you get up is two boilers next to each other, put the cursor on the picture and then you can see a next and previous so that you have the boilers for a few seconds, albeit you have to keep calling them back!

Ok thanks

OK, just checked but follow it with gallery from the top line and you'll see a couple. Failing that, email them and Vicky Swan will probably send you some gen.

Thanks Brian, I've had a look at the link, but when I click on Wood Pellet Boilers it just says coming soon ...

Don't have one but we know somebody who sells and installs them and have seen a few. They can be pretty big, the hopper sticks out quite a bit. As for three tons, no idea.

Take a look at http://www.enershop.eu/stovesandboilerstoves.htm click on wood pellet boilers and gallery then they have a couple on there. Michael Swan is an SFN member, installed our solar and has done so for other members so seems to have good references if you need them. They are in the Dordogne but I think they work as far away as you are.